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Decoding ‘text-iquette’

By Malea Ritz

September 12, 2013

Without face-to-face contact, facial expressions or vocal cues, emotions can be difficult to read through text. Yet, there seems to be a universal unspoken etiquette that most people can read through context. If you’re a novice in t...

Is technology ruining relationships? – Part III

By kate casler

April 15, 2013

Next up: Meeting dates through friends. Now, I had to dip a little further back into my past for this one. Mostly because after the result of this, I now firmly believe you should not set up friends unless you are willing to...

Is technology ruining relationships? – Part II

By kate casler

March 27, 2013

To start off the relationship research, I figured I’ll stick with the most obvious way to meet people in college: class. I luckily have a recent example of this. One day before class the guy sitting next to me, let's call...

The virtualization of experience

By Jan Dichter

November 19, 2012

Recent thoughts on social media reminded me of a phrase I heard for the first time recently, which I suspect we will probably hear again – ‘digital natives,’ meaning the increasing fraction of young people who, like many of my fellow under...

UMPD works to decrease texting and driving

By Alexandra Graziano

October 19, 2012

As more and more vehicular accidents are attributed to drivers distracted by texting, there is the increasing challenge for police officers to enforce the new texting while driving laws as well as educate drivers about th...

The Art of Texting

By Kim Giordano

November 7, 2011

Have you ever noticed how many unspoken rules there are when it comes to texting? Texting, more than any other form of communication, is what most people use as their primary way to reach friends, family, a significant other, ...

What’s your instead?

By Tyler Manoukian

November 28, 2010

Last February, on a day with clear skies and pristine road conditions, one University of Massachusetts senior learned the hard way that he should not have been texting and driving after almost demolishing his car while texting....