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UMass Flirts opens door for anonymous romance

By Patrick Hoff

April 11, 2013

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It can be nerve-wracking to flirt with someone you find attractive or who you have a crush on. There’s the pressure of rejection and the embarrassment of saying the wrong thing, ultimately ruining any romantic chances that ...

Handful of students win seats in Town Meeting

By Collegian News Staff

April 10, 2013

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More than 10 University of Massachusetts students seem to have secured Amherst Town Meeting seats. According to unofficial results from Tuesday's town election, of the 83 open Town Meeting spots, 11 were claimed by UMass students. A...

Spring back break

By Makai McClintock

March 11, 2013

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Author’s Note: The following column may contain obscene levels of snarky-ness, pointless and illogical ramblings and graphic depictions of various college unpleasantries; in short, you should probably read it. On another not...

Locals votes may produce bylaw change

By Evan Hutton

March 1, 2013

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Many students engage in the consumption of alcohol and have social gatherings where they enjoy the presence of other students after a long, hard week of school. Sometimes these gatherings become too large and noisy, making it hard fo...

Campus Perspective Video: Senator Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

By Brian Johnson

November 5, 2012

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UMass students weigh in on who they favor in the upcoming Massachusetts Senate race between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. ...

Illegal bar operating at Phillips Street residence

By Chelsie Field

October 31, 2012

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An Amherst police search of an off-campus residence that houses multiple University of Massachusetts students has confirmed reports that an illegal bar has been operating out of the home, officials said. On Monday, police executed a ...

Parties causes disturbances in Amherst

By Katie Landeck

September 11, 2012

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As University of Massachusetts students took to the streets for the first full weekend of the semester, several parties got out of control and had to be broken up by the Amherst police department. On Friday night at 11:21 p.m.,...