February 27, 2015

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Report: UMass continues search for new athletic director, DeFilippo not an option -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

UPDATE: Police to charge UMass football player with two counts of aggravated assault and battery -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Students for Justice in Palestine, administration react to inflammatory posters -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

UMass falls short, lacks energy in 82-71 loss to Saint Joseph’s -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drake’s surprise mixtape yields few surprises -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Potential shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security offers chance for Republican legislature to learn from its mistakes -

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Winless UMass faces Brown -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jose Gonzalez returns with graceful “Vestiges & Claws” -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

SGA to host Women’s Leadership Symposium -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

UMass women’s basketball finishes road schedule with matchup against Dayton -

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Keystone XL pipeline sparks pollution awareness -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dartmouth and Fordham to start stretch of key games for Minutewomen -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

DeAndre Bembry has career day in win over UMass -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Discussion on Palestine incorporates history as well as recent posters targeting SJP -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

UMass set for season finale in Connecticut -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Imagine Dragons deliver nothing but “Smoke & Mirrors” on their second album. -

Thursday, February 26, 2015

UMass student files federal civil rights lawsuit against Amherst police officers after ‘Blarney’ arrest -

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SGA spring elections campaigns kick off -

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UMass must contain Bembry in rematch with St. Joe’s -

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chaz Williams returns from his stint overseas, signs contract with Maine Red Claws -

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Let’s stop pretending we like techno music

A popular and currently unavoidable trend on campuses nationwide is the techno music craze. Before I get into it — I fear my previous statements grant too much credit. While “music” may technically be the most appropriate term to categorize this glitchy-sounding, uninspired noise, such a designation undermines the true artistic nature of music. Techno is a poor attempt to substitute robot sounds for what was once actual instrumental and artistic human expression.

Courtesy Mixtribe Photo/Flickr

A computer is not an instrument. Any Joe Schmo with a MacBook Pro and a Wi-Fi connection can create techno and get his or her sounds out to the public. This ease adds to the commodification of music —  a trend already in action. This marginalization should be alarming to true music fans. The logic is simple: if everyone can easily make music, it’ll bring the “music average” down. When a bunch of inexperienced musicians oversaturate listeners with a bunch of bad music, music that was once considered laughable is suddenly considered decent; what was once considered average is then perceived as above average; what was once considered above average will be called great. It’s a phenomenon that happened years ago with pop music. In turn, it becomes more challenging to find good music, and bad musicians will continue to sell out arenas worldwide, tightening their grip on listeners and further perpetuating this cycle.

The concept of techno was doomed from the start, similar to how a picture made in Photoshop can appear similar to an oil painting, yet is worthless in the eyes of art buffs. Techno music made on a computer using synthetic sounds is just as empty. Combining samples of other people’s songs into one and calling it one’s own is like taking a bunch of famous paintings and trying to somehow form them into one new and therefore “original” painting. The catch is that this newly formed painting would look just as terrible as techno sounds because the stolen elements become mere illusions of their original selves. Worse still, the elements lose their intended artistic integrities and purposes.

What bothers me most about techno is how terrible the sound actually is. While real music spurs revolutions, subtlety reflects entire eras, or provides a means of artistic expression, techno has defined itself as a cheap and scattered, non-flowing conglomerate of sounds. Instead of thoughtful lyrics and carefully constructed melodies, techno is characterized by occasional “bass-drops” and wholly unmoving, random lyric samples like “ohhh sometimes, I get a goooood feeling.”

People need to stop pretending that they actually like techno and instead admit that what they like is the experience of going to techno shows — there’s a big difference.

It may seem that rap and hip-hop suffer from the same robot noise syndrome as techno, but at least rap songs often have insightful, calculated lyrics. In this sense, rap is more like real music than techno, as techno is derivative of some kind of primal experience, rather than one of art.

I understand that going to techno shows is a good time and I don’t mean to offend anyone in attendance. I too have been to a techno show and have had a decent time. Instead, I want to distinguish between going to a techno ‘show’ and music ‘concert.’ They’re completely different things. Parading around as if you’re going to a Deadmau5 show because he is such a good musician is disingenuous. If you admit you’re going for the experience — fine — but let’s stop pretending that these D.J.s are actual musicians, or even anything more than decent producers who can put together a synchronized light show.

Going to a musical concert is about watching talented and gifted musicians perform their songs live. Not everyone has the ability to do this, which makes live music so special and awe-inspiring. Techno performers get on stage, hit the ‘play’ button, and watch crowds go wild, all the while collecting big checks from their premium ticket prices. While this type of spectacle isn’t worthless, it’s not as pure nor as genuine a music experience. It begs the question of whether or not these techno “performers” are pulling the wool over our eyes.

I have this theory that techno performers are the ultimate masters of lip-syncing; a Milli Vanilli or Ashlee Simpson on steroids. Think about how easy it is for these people to go on stage and simply press play on a pre-made set of tracks, while, of course, mixing in a few dozen necessary fist pumps. The nature of techno makes it inherently easy to fake a live set, especially in comparison to traditional musicians with real instruments. When someone is faking playing guitar, it’s immediately obvious. When someone is lip-syncing lyrics, it’s laughably noticeable. Techno is able to sidestep this problem because its origin is within a mysterious and unseen computer. No one knows the live performance’s ratio of computer versus actual performance; for all we know, a techno show could be performed by entirely computers. Even the images on the performer’s computers could be simulated, prearranged screenshots like the highly-complex computer screenshots in any N.A.S.A. or sci-fi movie. The elaborately lit techno stage shows become a distraction to mask their lack of substance. Too often, people fall victim to this ruse, in turn assuming techno is a legitimate form of music because they had a good time at the show.

What’s most bothersome is the legitimacy and credibility these techno performers receive. They’re treated like elite musicians and charge lofty ticket prices when indeed they’re more like ringleaders in a circus. They’re at the middle of the show, but the show could go on without them even being in the building. Surely a Bob Dylan show couldn’t go on without Bob Dylan. While it’s great to go and have fun at a techno show, let’s stop putting these individual performers on pedestals and stop pretending we like the “music” they play and start considering that what we really like is the experience. Or, we can just sit around while they dumb down our music and collect the checks.

Ryan Walsh is a Collegian columnist. He can be reached at rdwalsh@student.umass.edu.

197 Responses to “Let’s stop pretending we like techno music”
  1. i have to admit that whoever wrote this article is abit misinformed, techno is one of the most interestin forms of edm and what is being refered to is dubstep to be precise, that is the shitty music. house is not bad and what if we love “techno” will you still hate on people if they love hiphop or rnb

  2. Smarter than Ryan says:

    Ryan has simply failed to understand the difference between “performance” and “composition”. By that logic, orchestral composers are not “real musicians” because they cannot play all of those varied instruments all at once.

    See how ignorant a statement like that reads? Performance and Composition are two wildly different acts with equal artistic validity.

  3. Ry says:


    In a similar fashion that any nimrod with a laptop and music software can be an artist, any jackass with an average or lower writing ability, a laptop, and Microsoft Word can express his opinion about a type of music he is absolutely ignorant about on the internet. Technology is a wonderful thing that allows people a medium and means to express themselves, much like you did with this article, where they may have otherwise not had the ability to do so.

    What is this, 1990? Are you really still classifying all electronic music as “Techno”? Your first dead-set giveaway that you are the said jackass with a laptop and microsoft word was your repeated use of this term to describe ‘Electronic Music’ or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Upon any further research you’d learn that techno is a small sub-genre of electronic music as a whole. As a classification, a good amount of the sonic content that you describe does not exist in that format that originated from Detroit.

    Further, after reading this article I have drawn the conclusion that you are just one of those uptight folk who refuses to accept that times and mediums of expression do change and evolve. Do you think that your thumb-to-your-nose attitude about a genre makes you elite in some form? What format of music do you prefer, the same rehashed thing that’s been done over and over with a guitar, bass, drums, and vocals? Or perhaps you’re into classical, because that’s not changed much in the last couple hundred of years and it’s ‘safe’ for your small noggin. I’m sure it’s going to shatter your world when you learn that much of the production and editing techniques used in electronic music today is also used in Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie… likely even something you listen to on a daily basis.

    I do have one more serious question for you… what do you need wi-fi for in music production again? Oh wait, I forgot you don’t research your topics. I would stick to writing about things that are simple and easier for you to understand and I sincerely hope you have no career to look forward to in your future for your poor journalism.


    -A Guy That Makes A Living In “ELECTRONIC” Music

  4. mG says:

    you my friend have failed humanity… you need to understand more about techno before you write such idiotic threads are you sure your listening to techno? tech-house rather to dubstep .. maybe you just dont know your generas yet.

  5. Anthony says:

    No. One can’t argue about tastes.

  6. Camusensei says:

    It’s funny how people think their biased opinion is forcibly right just because they have the mean of writing an article that people will read. I haven’t yet read the article, but I will, and then I’ll comment again to tell you what I think of it.
    Let me moderate my previous statement:
    There is nothing wrong in thinking you are right _if you really are_. But when you talk about a SUBJECTIVE topic, you can NEVER be right about the opinion of OTHERS. (I’ll finish a book about that in a few months^^)


  7. Appariti0n says:

    I like that techno song that goes “unce unce unce unce unce unce”

  8. T-clipse says:

    I agree with the article, techno, dubstep, house, whatever you want to call it I don’t care. It’s all repetitive lyrics and synthetic drum beats that have no individuality from one another, it all sounds the same. Autotune vocals with no emotion or feeling, no message in the lyrics unless you consider “get up and dance dance dance dance” a message. It’s all a part of the dumbing down of the masses right alongside Reality TV.

  9. beaver says:

    This article has described precisely my feelings regarding this from of “music”, I have felt this way since the dawn of its inception, just not smart enough to express it. The many independent artists that spend years of finger bleeding and soul searching to be able to play the guitar or learn the piano can be confident that there are those still out there that appreciate real art!

  10. Audio.1 says:

    Dear whoever wrote this article:

    I do appreciate your opinion. I really do. But, due to what my dreams and goals are in life, you probably have destroyed ANY EDM artists’ hope in getting fans/record companies liking our type of music.
    And, like all reporters should do, research before you write. Electronic music is a genre of music. All music now needs a computer. Mixers in recording studios need a program like Reason, REAPER, and FL Studio to make a good sound and EQ.
    Also, being “Any Joe Schmo with a MacBook Pro and a Wi-Fi connection” as you precisely said, I make this music for the future, and modern music is EDM.

    From, Dj Audio.1
    EDM producer, dj, and Any Joe Schmo with a MacBook Pro and a Wi-Fi connection. ^-^

  11. Ron says:

    Great article. I agree 1000% with every point you make. Except I’ve never pretended to like techno music. I don’t like it and never have. I’ve been to one rave about 15 yrs ago and had no interest in ever experiencing that again either. I love electronic analog synthesizers when used in funk, jazz, rock, r&b, etc, when used to play real music. Listening to repetitve bips/bleeps for 4 min straight, no thank you. Electronic instruments get a bad rep a lot of times because techno, but really its the techno thats bad, not the instruments. Analog synthesizers, the ones with keyboards are real instruments and make beatiful music when used by real musicians.

  12. coscholl says:

    Have you heard early Rock ‘n’ Roll? The same beat in just about every Bo Diddley song. Have you ever heard a Blues progression? Just about the same, every time. Ever heard a ballad? That, too has a structure that is repeated over and over again. Is repetition the enemy? The same rhythm used over and over again defines many genres. Techno is a genre of electronic music that follows certain characteristics, like Rock ‘n’ Roll and like the Blues. I guess Rock and Blues are uninspired.

    Photoshop is based on actual darkroom techniques recreated in a digital format. You can create awful, kitschy photos in the darkroom just as much as you can create beautiful doctored images in the darkroom. A computer is an analog to many things, like a dark room. A computer is an analog to an analog synthesizer, which has discrete, dedicated circuits to producing a sound. An analog synthesizer can be an analog to a woodwind instrument. A synthesizer can just produce a wider variety of sounds, and needs electricity to run.

    Sampling. Really? Do you understand Post Modernism, or have you not advanced to that part of your general education? There is a strong case for using found sounds and recontextualizing them to derive new meaning. Kind of like how Lewis Carroll snipped bits of this word, and bobs of that word to make a new word.

    Musicianship and composition: already commented on by another person. Remember, though, with the invention of the first sequencer, new avenues of sound design were created. One could program (i.e. compose) a sound, and then adjust the timbre by manipulating the envelopes, filters, and other control parameters of the synthesizer while it was being “played” by the sequencer. That’s like having an extra set of hands. The idea that the machine just made the music out of nothing is ridiculous. A DJ is a composer. A producer is a composer. Odds are, they are controlling a lot of pre-destined parameters, like a conductor leads a symphony, but in the end, they are still performing.

    A Bob Dylan concert could not happen without Bob Dylan, nor could a Daft Punk show go on without a Daft Punk. A Deadmau5 show cannot go on without a Deadmau5. Bob Dylan wasn’t always loved and adored: he was reviled by some when he went electric. I guess they thought that Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t a pure enough musical form.

  13. ella vator says:

    “A popular and currently unavoidable trend on campuses nationwide is the techno music craze”

    i lol’d at that line. you sound like an idiot and you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. just because a bunch of idots are moshing it up to skrillex you think you know all about techno.

    but your piece is funny. i read it sarcastically and really got a laugh.

    you are not a music journalist and have a long way to go, kid.

  14. Alastair says:

    What the hell are people doing posting up these stupid youtube links to Deadmau5 and Laid Bck Luke?

    that is NOT techno!

  15. Rogue Ai says:


    Tell me this isn’t music. And don’t go telling me that this isn’t a song because a computer isn’t an instrument as I didn’t use a computer at all in the process other than to record a digital copy so that I could upload it.

    Oh, and if you (the author) are wondering what techno actually sounds like: http://soundcloud.com/rogue-ai/rain-thunder

    Also, I suggest you read up on Juan Atkins

  16. Joe Schmo says:

    Funny, I stumbled on this article because I was looking for help and ideas in composing EDM. Pretty ironic, given that the writer dismisses the entire culture as musically unworthy. I recently acquired appropriate hardware and software enough to amuse myself making electronic music. My perception was that it would be virtually ‘music by numbers'; I would just paste together loops and clips and not have to worry too much about music theory or stuff like that. How wrong I was! Take it from me, no amount of modern tech can replace creativity. It’s actually very hard work and if I’m not careful, I could give up easily, just like I did when I had a guitar as a kid. So now I am in awe of artists whom I was previously rather indifferent about. The music of deadmau5, for example, I have now come to appreciate, is rather wonderful (although not “techno”)! It is extremely well-produced and, while many might consider his stuff to be tedious and hypnotic, I now perceive it to be inventive and very clever. Added to which, this form of criticism about a new style of music and how that music is produced and promulgated is so backward-thinking, in general. I see it as a great democratization, musically-speaking, where anyone can give give it a go and have fun; and some of us will be lucky to have our efforts appreciated by a wider audience. Another genie let out of the bottle, and no amount of whingeing is gonna stop it!

  17. Stonerbasher says:

    I love how all of these brain dead E-tards are getting so offended by this article. Very amusing. Does the truth hurt my friends? Find a new hobby, kids. Popping Molly pills in your moms basement and mixing tracks on your computer isn’t going to last forever.

  18. markym how he says rap is decent makes me laugh and think this ark says:

    apparently how he says rap is near decent what with all the saying Bi**h and N*g*a and talking about money and televisions just proves to me he is an under educated african american who smoked too much weed and didnt get enough crack and he thought he could sound smart. its the same how youre saying these things about techno which was also said about alot of music genres just rephrasing doesnt make this any more sensible than other articles. hey if i like techno thats my choice also i dont bash on other music genres. the point is that if you dont like something and other do deal with it youre not forced to participate.

  19. Aaron Rones says:

    Okay, to nullify all of your bitching, you keep saying you like your own genre of music, but regardless of what you call it, it’s still not music. The point Ryan is making is that by using a computer to put sounds together and sell it as “music” is wrong. What he is saying about rap music isn`t that he likes it, in fact his tone would indicate he doesn`t. What he is saying that he accepts rap as music because at least it uses music and actual lyrics. And to refute whatever you electric heads, or whatever you call yourselves (and for the love of god don`t reply to this saying I need to research before I talk because you know what im saying) are saying about music being repetitive and that the use of computers is needed and that most bands use them is true. However they aren’t the only thing being used, unlike techo or elctronica or whatever that is just a computer. It’s simple using purely a computer as an “instrument” isn’t music, playing an instrument, or singing without autotune is music.

  20. Bitchyoda says:

    Actually Stonerbasher, Acid, or mushroooms would be a better choice for straight up techno. Unless you are using Techno as a generic term, which Ryan appears to be doing. Music is always going to have fluff and no genre can escape cheese. Electronic music is very fast food for your ear, but you can find tracks that could entertain you for years. I am sure there is at least one genre of electronic music or artist that he would find appealing. He may just have heard the wrong material. However, he could have a subjective preference for other musical tastes, and that is fine. Music is subjective, just like taste. Substances aren’t required, but I don’t judge.

  21. Eddie says:

    Ha this is quite amusing to say the least. First of all to the person writing this article, you have NO clue as to what you are talking about. Everything you have said is highly inaccurate. You obviously have no idea what goes into making music, from writing it, to actually producing it, engineering it, mixing it down etc etc etc, NOT just any joe shmoe with a computer can do this. The fact is, it IS music. Whether you like it not is irrelevant. And why you would write an article like this is way beyond me. It serves NO purpose.

    Techno, house, trance, edm etc etc whatever you want to call it, is not just a type of MUSIC, but more, a lifestyle of which you know nothing about, have never truly experienced, and should NOT be making idiotic statements about. As far as even knowing exactly what “TECHNO” music is, you also need to educate yourself about. The reference you made to a song by Avicii called ‘Levels’, with the sample from Etta James singing “ohhh sometimes, I get a goooood feeling.” is NOT techno!. There are many styles of dance music including many with ORIGINAL vocals, oh but right I forgot it’s not REAL MUSIC. It’s not just about going to the, what YOU call “techno shows” it is a lot bigger than that. It’s about the love of the music and the feeling it gives, period. The style of music promotes peace & love, and I stand by that til the day I die.

    So you made a reference to DJ’s not being musicians… ok we never said we were. However with that being said, DJing IS an art form, an expression of music which NOT everyone can do. It seems to me that you have based this article around ONE experience at a huge show possibly by Swedish House Mafia or someone on that level… If that’s the case, then it proves that you truly have not researched to any extent what really is involved with EDM. I am going to guess that you are probably somewhere around the age of hmmmmmm 22, 23. Which in turn proves my point that you have no knowledge of the house culture which stems way back into the 70’s. I would like you to explain to me and everyone else how this all works, as far as the DJs performing and faking their performances, back when DJs used ONLY vinyl records??? Was that fake then too?? The computer has only really been introduced to the scene over the last 6-7 years.

    So what you call a “trend” has been going on for 30+ years. It is a deep rooted culture that extends itself all around the world, going in the most underground of nightclubs to the biggest arenas and into peoples cars, to private parties etc etc etc.

    The bottom line here seems to be that YOU simply don’t like EDM, or the term you seriously MISUSED, techno. Sorry to tell you that it is not going anywhere, has been around for many years before you and will be here long after you are gone.

  22. AP says:

    I am a multi-instrumentalist, i play guitar, bass, keys, and mediocre drums. I think everyone needs to remind these “musicians” of the great synth players. Bernie Worrell is one of the best keyboard players i can think of. He plays funk, rock, classical, and some things he played were kind of disco. disco is the predecessor to house. he also is a big influence on dr dre. playing guitar does not prepare you to be a turntablist, dj, or producer. most guitarists could not just jump in and fill in for a DJ even if he knew the equipment, because he doesnt know the music or the techniques required to keep a dance floor packed. electronic music DOES have a learning curve if you dont know shit about it. its a different skill set, but a man shouldn’t cut on another man for something hes incapable of.

  23. Brochacho says:

    I find it hard to believe that rap is more like real music than EDM. If you don’t agree, listen to the rappers Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Plies. EDM is definitely a musical movement that is still currently happening at the moment. But labeling it as horrible and destructive is a matter of opinion. Personally, I love EDM. As a 21 year old college student, going with a group of close friends to a club or arena to watch a familiar DJ perform a set proves to be a great time over and over again. The music is not for everyone. It is more geared for the partying lifestyle of a new generation. My parents told me stories of people flocking to Woodstock and other music festivals of their day. It was not for everyone. But EDM’s overarching theme is an acronym, PLUR. It stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. You won’t find anger or hate at these festivals. Everyone is gathered together to celebrate a style of music that they love and enjoy. And to harp on the legitimacy of the DJs, if it is so easy, then why am I not a DJ? Why is the author not a DJ? Why aren’t we all selling out crowds at major festivals? While I will admit that DJing isn’t as difficult as mastering the guitar or violin, a certain amount of skill is required for a DJ to turn at least one head. Otherwise, why would anyone listen to them?

  24. 4ndy says:

    I am extremely annoyed by your article “Let’s stop pretending we like techno music”
    Firstly let me state That I am a professional lead blues guitarist with over 25 years playing in successful bands all around the globe, I am also a time-served drummer, keyboardist, bassist – and have a degree in sound engineering and an S.A.E masters in music production – and I have been producing music of all styles for the best part of 20 years. Your biassed attitude is equivalent to that of a stroppy toddler … Techno music isn’t any electronic music – Techno is mainly rhythmical, USUALLY quite slow, and dark. (I am beginning to get annoyed at other styles of “immature dance music” being classified as my beloved genre) – there are many different sub-genres of techno; and the vast majority of techno producers are HIGHLY accomplished musicians with decades of experience. When referring to “Glitchy sounds” you are most likely referring to trance, or dubstep; and yes many of these styles are horrible – and make me puke in my mouth a little when I hear them. I don’t wish to bleat on; so I will keep it short. If I was in a rock, or blues band, or recording an act in the studio – each part is recorded either separately as an “overdub” over a raw take, or in certain RARE instances when the band is tight; you can record the whole performance in one take. This is INFINITELY easier than making GOOD QUALITY dance music. Yes there is an absolute hoard of bedroom producers out there since the advent of digital production software, however to be at the top end of the spectrum takes years of experience and incredible talent; as you have to write the track, and create and shape every sound yourself from scratch – (Yes every sound – from the kick drum, the high hats, the synths, the bass etc … and then spend hours doing the arrangement) A good techno track takes anywhere between 7 – 24 hours of solid graft – and then at least an hour of mastering (Bringing all of the levels up to broadcast quality, and spreading the sound, and EQ’ing etc), and there are over 12 different sub-genres of Techno ranging from minimal to acid. Compare this to live music recording when the whole band is usually done after an hour or so, leaving to producer to tweak, cut and master which usually takes and additional 1 – 2 hours (Bearing in mind the producer hasn’t written the track in the first place, and only needs to make the track sound professional). So in summary; please do some research before posting such an a audacious piece of literature, and if you don’t like something, you should understand that humans tastes are different in all areas, and not condemn others just because they are not into what you are …. Let’s face it; if we all listened to the same music, wore the same clothes, ate the same food, and drove the same cars …. life would be fucking boring.
    P.S – Paul Mcartney once stated in an interview “If i was the same age in the 90’s as I was when I formed the Beatles, I would have definitely been a part of the dance music scene …. as it is the biggest music movement to hit the globe ever” …. yes – it is much bigger than Rock, Blues, Urban, etc ….
    Thanks for taking the time to read this; I hope it allows you to look at our world with a little bit more of an open mind.

  25. Tom Laws says:

    Oh my god , I don’t no he just wrote this to get a debate going (which it will) or if you are being genuine . So I’m not going to even waist my time writing a long reply to this wankers post!!!…………

    To sit here and argue a point for Techno with this narrow minded clueless dick head would just make two idiots. So ill keep t short. It just shows how uneducated you are to even think that Techno/Dance music done not take control and skill to make. Some of the worlds leading Techno artists are insanely clever and have rewired computers and software all there lives and this music is extremely hard to lurn how to make it sound warm and good. Granted some of it is shit but you tell me a genre that dose’t have crap bits in!!…………

    And for this prick Aaron Rones sticking up for this Ryan walch c**t saying what he is trying to say is that any one can sit at a computer and make it , I’d love to see you guys figure the various programs to make this music on out and try make it sound good, wanker!…………..
    Oh and buy they way if you think that you don’t use a computer to make every thing you listen to, from classical to R&B to Heavy rock, pop etc etc then you are a total prick, so your telling me there people who mix down in the studio to make all music presentable for a album are talentless, well its all made on the same programs as Techno producers use and allot are you fucking pair of s**t c**ts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And one more thing try going to Europe and saying this you absolute toss piece. There is only one word for tossers like you lot that . C**T!

  26. Voidloss says:

    So music is only something that contains lyrics?
    Steve Reich? Arvo Part? The whole of contemporary orchestral music (the composers don`t pay the music themselves, other people do it for them, namely the orchestra.
    For the simple minded out there, just pretend that the computer, as a modern day instrument, is like a little orchestra inside a magic box. And you can tell the little orchestra what notes to play, or when to play them etc.
    You become a composer directing everything rather than just being a member of the band/orchestra playing the music written by someone. ALL music is valid, wether it be abstract and experimental, or a very obvious formulaic bit of disposable pop music.
    The writer of this article just sounds like every generations old person. “Oh the music of today, it all sounds the same/too loud/too repetetive/no proper tune/satans music etc etc.
    Congratulations, you now sound old and ignorant.
    Techno is a music style that covers a wide emotional pallette. There is very melodic, stuff, dubby chilled out dub influenced stuff, aggressive, abstract industrial influenced stuff, very cheesy obvious poppy stuff, fast, slow, jazzy, melancholy. It is one of the most diverse forms of electronic music in fact, being very hard to pin down. And yes, it is made with electronic instruments, drum machines, synthesizers and computers, which have become the instruments of today.
    To produce music on a computer means you need to take on a lot more roles. You need to be a musician to actually compose and make the music (or a sample smith if you solely use samples), and this involves making the bass, the drums, the lead and so on, covering more rolls than say, just a bass player. Then you need to actually mix and produce the music, knowing how to apply EQ, compression, reverb and all the various effects that are required to make a finished piece of electronic music (of course there are some who do this badly).
    Computers can be instruments. So can a yoghurt pot, or a piece of wood. Music is made by musicians, the instrument is irrelevant.

    Anyway, you can simplify this whole, wasted, ignorant article by simple re-writing it and saying
    “I don`t like/understand techno”.
    And leave it at that, rather than wasting all the words you used to simply say “I don`t like this music, and therefore in my ignorance of it, I am going to make lots of unfounded, and factually incorrect statements about how it is mad, and then apply irrelevant aesthetic judgements on it”.

  27. IKHAN says:

    This arrival is practically telling us to all get rid of our electronic devices
    Because they don’t exist
    Every single song that you have ever heard that was live
    And even then sometimes has used electronic equipment

    But you see if you are against the use if electronic equipment
    Then we ALL might as well be
    And get rid of our eletronics all together

    Then, any shit stain on a piece of paper is art while the exact replica of the Mona Lisa made in photoshop is not and required no talent and was made by some Joe Schmo character

  28. Devin Magallanes says:

    Whoever wrote this is a clown

  29. yup says:

    This is just downright stupidity, what you should be going after is the mainstream media, and music of the mainstream, that is crap with no soul, techno, or EDM as it is ACTUALLY called, is full of artistic talent and soul. You really have no idea when you are typing these things so, go after what is truly important and that is the music that is ACTUALLY dumbing down our society. EVERYTHING mainstream.

  30. Ryan Walsh Moron says:

    What an absolute moron this guy is.

  31. Brad says:

    I love how techno fans are responding “you just don’t understand techno” without any substatiation whatsoever. I completely agree with the article. If music is math, techno is simple addition while using a calculator. For the guy who said composers are like DJs because they don’t play instuments, composers actuially write musical notation for dozens of instruments to make a piece of music…the analogy is…dumb. Composers are the pinnacle of music. “unst unst unst “we are the future” (in robot voice) unst unst unst” is not music. It is noise. People go to techno concerts go to do E and get drunk. They can wear thier shiny cloths and gyrate like primates in heat. The “music” becomes more deep, and the crappy public domain speech samples like “we are the future” become more profound the more high and drunk you get. This is why people that listen to techno are always alcoholics and burnouts.

  32. Adrian says:

    This article is untruthful first let me state that I’m a DJ with over fifteen years of experience. I perform in some of the biggest cities Los Angles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Denver, etc. First let me say that Techno music is not created by untalented musician their is a lot that goes into making just one song. Not just any person with a computer can wake up one Moring an do this its takes a lot of skill and a good ear for it. Not to mention that the equipment is expensive and can be tricky to understand. Now I’m not saying that you don’t have the right to your opinion every one does. I’m just saying you should look a little deeper into the electronic music world before you begin criticizing us DJ’s. Now I’m not talking go to a few raves and share you experiences I’m talking about going to the roots of it and see what DJ’s really have to go through just to be noticed.

  33. Derek says:

    I used to like going to raves, not anymore but I still like techno music. There is alot of crappy pop music on the radio these days but that doesn’t mean all pop is crap.

  34. This artical is the epitome of someone with diarrhea of the mouth. Just because you don’t know the term for the shitty electronic pop music you write about shows you nothing about music in general. I bet you like third eye blind and nickleback you uninformed tool shed. Techno is probably one of the most intricate forms of music out there. Do you think dr dre could make 9mins of the same loops over and over again without the aid of a rapper?anyone with a respectable taste in music will enjoy and unserstand the reward of the subtle changes and progression of real techno music. Whatever “rave” you went to with a bunch of college bros jumping around to garbage pop music played off some pseudo dj’s iPod was not texhno. A real writer would be informed about his topic before he writes an artical. It’s retarded close minded people like you that have made the shitty music your talking about so popular.

  35. Anna says:

    Well, fuck off.

  36. Michael from Germany says:

    Hello everyone

    “Techno music made on a computer using synthetic sounds is just as empty. Combining samples of other people’s songs into one and calling it one’s own is like taking a bunch of famous paintings and trying to somehow form them into one new and therefore “original” painting.”

    This shows that the poster of this article hasn’t got one clue what Techno really is, what makes that genre and what doesn’t.
    To produce Techno is not about sampling stuff together. There was something happening in the 90s, when it was all about the ‘raves’. Artists from everywhere began to rise and putting their shit into the scene. But Techo was pretty abscent.
    Take on L.A. Style. Two guys sampling things together. Why didn’t they get more than one album out? Because they did nothing but poor sampling. They didn’t even take sampling onto another level. They just made their cheap stuff with ‘James Brown is Dead’ being their best effort. But don’t call that Techno.
    Like todays EDM scene, so was the rave scene. Some electronic genres mixed together, every artists doing his shit and everyone calls it the name that comes to their minds first.
    Like most ravers in the 90s had no idea about Techno, Trance and even no clue about House, so it is with todays EDM base. As long as it is electronic everything goes.
    That is why the rave scene vanished and the EDM scene will be gone soon too.
    The genres like Techno will survive, untouched by this mess, unaltered by the mainstream.
    The idea of Techno, the spirit that got it kickstarted in Detroit and Düsseldorf (the ideas got mixed over the following years) is still there and you will find none in the mainstream.
    For me 2013 was the year in which I could no longer resist but to return to listening to Techno music, only to realise how much it is still a genre with high quality, diversity and lots of love been put into by the producers/artists. And I was amazed how much it has evolved. Techno has become a living, breathing beast with a steady heart beat.
    I was not actively following the developement of Techno, instead I was abscent for many years. And in 2013 I thought about that one album by Ken Ishii. What was he doing all the time? New album? And I was searching. I found it, in form of a collaboration with Marc Romboy (another Techno artists). The albums name: Taiyo. That brought me back on track. Found lots of albums, finally understand myself what Techno music is.
    Incubation by Function is just another awesome Techno album, athmospheric and dark.
    Want something that is so alive it seems to eat you up?
    Dadub with You Are Eternity.
    And there are many more.
    I was listening to several styles of electronic music all the years, but I never had a clear idea about Techno myself. Shame on me? Maybe.
    There are so many artists that really know their stuff, no matter if it leans towards glitch, drone, has vocals or other genre bending characteristics – Techno is a genre so rich, so true to its root idea. Almost unbelievable.

    Same goes for House and Trance. There is so much going on, despite the mainstream stuff, one has really to dig deeper to get it. But once you found it, you will know you are there. Just don’t give in to the mainstream and let not some rave or EDM acts fool you.

    Now that’s quite a lenthy and passionate comment. Sorry, but it has to be.

    With best regards
    Michael from Germany

  37. Bradon says:

    I just have one thing to say yes anyone with a computer can create this music but also anyone with a piano can play it it just won’t sound well. I play a variety of “real” instruments but also am working on creating techno. you see anyone can create music but not everyone will become famous from it technically music is just a bunch of sounds that appeals to certain people therefore rock is sounds that some find appealing while techno EDM Dubstep speed core trance or the billions of other genres appeal to others there are so many sub genres of techno that being stereotyping makes sense but there are techno influences on most music after about 95 but it has become more popular among young artists or even some older artists have evolved their music to it. or around it I understand it is hard to understand this music but all music has an acquired taste to it some like rock some like hip hop some like techno.

  38. mec says:

    i love that so many comments negate what techno isn’t, but never tell us what techno really is. if it’s so confusable by other sub genres then the point of it all sounds the same still stands.

  39. micah says:

    The basis of all that we call music is the same; longitudinal waves of energy oscillating at varying frequencies which stimulate our “sound sensors” (ears) in what we hope are favorable ways. Humans appreciate different notes, pitches, and sound intensities. In the way that a nice meaty power chord on a guitar might be satisfying to one person’s ear, a fuzzy bass “beat” from a speaker also can appeal to someone else. Its all music in the end.

    Either way the person generating the music needs to be able to compose a sequence of these notes to make something that someone will appreciate. How do you think people responded to the advent of the electric guitar especially when the use of distortion became popular?

    To answer mec,

    In my opinion the word “techno” is a broad term which covers a lot of different genres. There’s House, Jungle, Trance, Melodic Trance, dubstep, breakbeat, industrial – just to name a few. Here is a big list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_electronic_music_genres. These can be likened to types of rock music (e.g. classic, hard, soft, christian).

    You have the entire internet to provide with information on what “techno” is. Insulting and making unhelpful comments about something when you have a wealth of information in front of you tells me that you don’t want to understand, you want to insult and remain stubborn and close-minded on the issue.

  40. rickyzg says:

    As former party person I attended all kind of edm music and i must admitt from all edm music, pop, rock, classical, dance and all subgenres most that i dislike is music without emotion or real instruments, like minimal techno or similar techno without emotion. True is that 98% of party people goes because of show , drugs and other problems (childhood,experiment,depression,etc.) and most of them are on minimal techno party or similar minimalistic sound that can make you feel like dark psycho. Who can listen music without emotion of real instrument sober, only if you are past drug party person. If you want to prove that minimal stuff have emotion then you are delusional.

  41. anangryfrenchguy says:

    It’s a shame that as a journalist you didn’t even take the time to really dig into the subject, resulting in a shitty & off-topic article with absurd (& funny by the way) pseudo-proofs of why techno is not music, because made by an embiterred guy. Real techno can be compared to jazz music in terms of artistic value (cf. Laurent Garnier’s article about music becoming like any consumable product ) as it totally breaks the “standards” of modern music. Techno listeners don’t always look only for musicality or rythm in a track, but also for congruence & mental experience. Also I’m tired of stubborn musicians that criticize techno or even EDM (which I also hate, BUT let be) with that same argument just to add legitimity to the fact they play an instrument, & importance to their self : “music can only be made with instruments”..
    However I totally agree on the fact that the music “scene” is now overwhelmed with uninteresting stuff because of the increasing accessibility to internet & everything (most of it being electronic music, hence potentially techno music).
    Still you’re the kind of guy who keeps alive the idea of techno being music for junkies & simple-minded people, & this is not tolerable.

    PS : sorry for my english if there are mistakes

  42. Brupenis says:

    You suck mtfukr you don’t know a sht fking loser please kill yourself smoke a joint a you’ll se that techno is better than your mather as fk you weirdo

  43. Unknown says:

    Just from looking at this article, I can tell this is a biased report. If you actually look deeper into techno, you will actually find some music appropriate to the ears and actually “sound” good. Progressive House, for one.

    “Talamanca- Ocean Drive”

    ^^ Try it…

  44. Ryan Walsh Sucks says:

    Wow, what an idiot. Wherever the hell this kid is, I hope he looks back on this one day and realize how stupid he is. I am a guitar player/electronic music producer/DJ, and i can tell you that I find the composition aspect of electronic music more challenging than playing guitar in my band. Much more so, actually.

    But yeah, what an awful, awful article. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  45. LOL says:

    hahaha well, you can tell this kid doesn’t get laid. Hey dumbaas, you do realize most of these producers ARE PLAYING THEIR FUCKING SONGS ON A MIDI KEYBOARD?

    also of course they aren’t just pressing play. they’re matching the tepmos of the two records, counting the bars t o make sure the phrasing is correct, and using a variety of effects/filters etc. You gonna tell me guitar pedals aren’t music instruments? cause its the same shit, idiot.

    if you opened up ableton live you would stare at it with a blank face and have no idea what the fuck to do.

    Anyway you’re a retard. please do us all a favor and never open your mouth to give your worthless opinion about music.

    p.s. i’m better at drums and guitar than you are.

  46. L. says:

    This is not a legitimate article. This is an elaborate ruse. Either that or a college professor wanted an example of how not to write a piece.

  47. Simon says:

    Dear idiot,

    Before you start generalizing all electronic music, please fire up your iTunes or Soundcloud and listen to Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London, Orbital, Squarepusher, Photek and Air and come back here and tell me that electronic music doesn’t count as legitimate music.

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