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Student Activism Special Issue Preview Video -

March 27, 2017

Anthropology professor holds lecture on violence and policymaking -

March 27, 2017

Student Activism Special Issue 2017 -

March 27, 2017

Congressmen McGovern and Ellison discuss progressive politics under Trump administration on Saturday -

March 27, 2017

SGA President Anthony Vitale and Vice President Lily Wallace promise to improve assistance to student activists next year -

March 27, 2017

Editor’s note: UMass works because they do -

March 27, 2017

The UMass club that is un-beelievable -

March 27, 2017

Interview with Ghazah Abbasi, Sanctuary Campus Movement organizer -

March 27, 2017

Association of Diversity in Sport draws competition in FIFA Tournament -

March 27, 2017

UMass men’s lacrosse falls to Brown University in OT thriller -

March 27, 2017

Real Estate finds tranquility, but breaks little new ground on ‘In Mind’ -

March 27, 2017

UMass baseball takes series behind two straight wins over George Washington -

March 27, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Amherst should vote no on education referendum -

March 27, 2017

Make small-scale activism sexy again -

March 27, 2017

Defense holds strong for UMass men’s lacrosse in loss to Brown -

March 27, 2017

Strong second half lifts UMass women’s lacrosse past Marist, 10-7 -

March 27, 2017

Letter to the Editor: UMass alum reflects on his time at the Collegian -

March 27, 2017

Environmental journalists face challenges under Trump administration -

March 25, 2017

An open letter to the students of UMass -

March 24, 2017

Pat Kelsey informs UMass AD Ryan Bamford of change of heart just 35 minutes before scheduled press conference -

March 23, 2017

‘Bullying bill’ foolhardy attempt to stop student battles

Drafting legislation to suppress bullying will not help young students.

Photo finish for senate race

Attorney General Martha Coakley has bungled and ruined every opportunity to cruise to victory in the special election, and Scott Brown is making the most of it.

From emails, a renewed debate over man-caused global warming

Alana Goodman discusses the ways in which the stolen e-mails from the British East Anglia Climate Research Unit debunk the idea that man-made global warming is agreed upon by the entire scientific community.

How fair is fair trade?

Are college coffee consumers doing the Third World a disservice by buying fair trade cups of coffee? Alana Goodman says that there may be evidence of an unfairness in fair trade.

How much do professors care about speech?

Alana Goodman asks whether or not the defense of Levasseur’s free speech rights is because of newfound respect for the First Amendment, or because the UMass faculty sympathizes with left-wing politics.

After a year, Obama’s presidency has fallen flat

With President Obama’s presidency reaching the one-year mark, Alana Goodman says that the commander in chief is no longer thought of the revolutionary he was hyped up to be.

Innocent, even when proven guilty?

Alana Goodman weighs in on the chance of Guantanamo Bay inmates being invited to Amherst, saying that the invited individuals aren’t the victims they’re made out to be.

Hate crimes and why funding their prevention is a waste of money

Some statistics show that hate crime legislation has not been effective. Collegian columnist Alana Goodman says that unless the state can fix the problem, funding should be lessened.

Meghan McCain’s Republicanism

Collegian columnist Alana Goodman wonders whether Meghan McCain’s version of the Republican keeps her inside the party’s tent.

Institutionalized racism in student government

Collegian columnist Alana Goodman brings to light issues with the 13 percent of seats in the SGA senate that are given only to minority members of campus.