Donald Trump and the World of “Me”

Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Isaac Simon explains why Trump’s popularity has grown.

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Letter: Resolution affirms human rights

(Shannon Broderick/Daily Collegian)

UMass faculty members pen a letter of support for the Graduate Employee Organization

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Senior Columns 2015-2016

(Daily Collegian/Robert Rigo)

Collegian Seniors reflect on their time at UMass and the Collegian

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Finding motivation in an unlikely place

(Brendan Deady)

Assistant News Editor Brendan Deady reflects on his experiences.

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A Senior Day send-off

(Daily Collegian Archives)

Anthony Chiusano thanks the Collegian for the countless opportunities it has provided him over his three years.

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A moment in time

(Robert Rigo/ Daily Collegian)

Former Assistant Sports Editor Ross Gienieczko incorporates sports current events with the legacy of friendship and learning that he has experienced during his past three years at the Collegian.

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A Privilege, not an inconvenience

(Shannon Broderick)

Former Assistant Photo Editor Shannon Broderick talks about her brief but memorable four semester at UMass Amherst.

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A complicated love affair

(Kristin LaFratta)

Former Web Managing Editor Kristin LaFratta discusses how she made her match with the Daily Collegian.

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Thank you for everything

(Mark Chiarelli)

Collegian Editor in Chief Mark Chiarelli closes out his time at UMass by thanking the Collegian for giving him a chance, even when he initially messed it up.

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The journey to becoming a sports writer

Jason Kates/Assistant Sports Editor)

Jason Kates explains his four-year evolution into a full-fledged sports writer.

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Four years goes faster than you think

(Shelby Ashline/Assistant News Editor)

Shelby Ashline advises underclassmen to make the most of their time at the University of Massachusetts by getting involved in Registered Student Organizations.

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Letter: What blacks want from white allies

Christina Moschetto/Daily Collegian)

Melinda Nielsen offers eight takeaways from a recent ‘Stand Against Racism’ program at the Commonwealth Honors College.

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Unintentionally finding my way

(Ian Hagerty)

Ian Hagerty reflects on his unorthodox route from college to graduation.

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A light on somewhere: Reflections on college

(Steve Gillard/Assistant Opinion Editor)

Steve Gillard shares the four most important lessons he learned at UMass.

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A perspective on education


Many children in Mexico do not receive the same opportunities for education as Americans.

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Finding what I wasn’t looking for

Patricia LeBoeuf Senior Column Photo

Patricia LeBoeuf reflects on her time at with the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

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Editor’s note: Seniors say goodbye

(Daily Collegian/Robert Rigo)

As the Collegian enters its final week of production to close out the academic year, our graduating senior class will publish their final senior columns as they reflect on their time at UMass.

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Letter: History department stands with Divest UMass

Shannon Broderick/Daily Collegian

UMass history faculty urge the University to put forth a proposal for complete fossil fuel divestment over the next five years.

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Reflections on two years at UMass

Collegian File Photo

Ruwan Teodros discusses her first two years at UMass, and the many things she already knows she will miss when she graduates

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The benefits of paid family leave

(Rachel Woolf/Baltimore Sun/MCT)

Katrina Kervin describes the benefits of paid family leave for both fathers and mothers, and why the United States should adopt the policy at a federal level

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