Plastic bag ban for Amherst stores set to begin in 2017

University of Massachusetts graduate student Kevin Hollerbach argues against relying on plastics.

More off-campus housing developments proposed on Olympia Drive

The Amherst Planning Board is reviewing a proposal for a 75-unit apartment complex on Olympia Drive.

Fourteen UMass students nominated for Town Meeting

Next Tuesday’s election will include a huge increase of student candidates

Annual Town Meeting to discuss a number of articles

This year’s Town Meeting is anticipated to take approximately six nights to discuss the various items on this year’s agenda, including approving this year’s budget.

Change to chicken bylaw to be proposed by Amherst Planning Board

The Amherst Planning Board proposed a change to a town bylaw that would allow citizens to keep up to 12 chickens.

Amherst sends the wrong message with vote

The town of Amherst was disrespectful in passing its “Bring Our War Dollars Home, Stop the Killing” resolution on Veterans’ Day. The UMass community ought to take a stand against such insensitive moves.

An act of opposition for vets and students

On the eve of Veteran’s Day the Town of Amherst Meeting Members voted to oppose the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. UMass Republican Club President Justin Thompson thinks that this reflects badly upon the Town and shows a lack of respect for Veterans.