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People over buildings: Subbaswamy must rethink budget priorities

Avery Furst outlines the GEO’s meeting with Chancellor Subbaswamy and argues for administrative emphasis on the well-being of UMass students and employees.

New UMass Police Chief Tyrone Parham excited to join campus community

Parham touched on variety of campus safety points Friday, including that the University has recently checked all Blue Lights on campus, and its working to remind the community to “remain vigilant” of safety.

Students react to a hoverboard-less UMass campus

Both university officials and students cited safety concerns as reasons for support of the prohibition, which began this semester.

Opening statements delivered Monday in Patrick Durocher trial

A full jury was impaneled and the first witness called in trial over an alleged 2013 rape that occurred outside of the Campus Center.

After justice, cautionary story remains

The three-year 2012 gang rape case reached a conclusion in criminal court Monday, but Mark Chiarelli writes that its lessons must not be forgotten.

Humans vs. Zombies game impacted by banning of NERF blasters at UMass

The administration’s classification of NERF blasters as weapons facsimiles hinders the biannual game.

VIDEO: Students respond to campus safety concerns

In light of Oregon shootings, students are asked if they feel safe at UMass.

Students and UMPD work together during the annual ‘Walk for Light’

Volunteers identify safety concerns around campus.

Student Government discusses campus safety

The SGA discussed campus dining plans, campus safety and appointed a senator to a committee at Monday’s meeting.

Campus safety a concern as students settle into campus

As everyone begins to be settled into the new semester, safety comes to the forefront of people’s minds.

Student safety takes priority

From furnishing your room to walking around campus, the Canadian Standards Association International and the UMass Police Department recommend a few safety tips that could help make your life at UMass a little safer.

Campus Perspectives: Night Walking

Do you feel safe walking around campus at night? We asked students their thoughts.