Scrolling Headlines:

The colorful flavors of Four Loko: an inside look and unofficial review

Despite their descriptive names, each Four Loko flavor largely tastes like chemicals and sugar.

Bans aren’t ‘Blasts’

Collegian columnist Matthew M. Robare investigates proposals to ban flavored malt beverages.

The right to go Loko

With the ban of caffeinated alcoholic bevarages in Massachusetts, The Massahusetts Daily Collegian thinks that the state legislature has gone too far in its restrictions on controversial alcoholic beverages and that the UMass administration should not follow suit.

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 8, 2010

Dear Editor, The article, “Four Loko is only the face of the issue,” brings up issues that many students aren’t aware of. The rate of underage students consuming Four Loko has risen greatly in the past couple of years, and the consequences should be publicized. This popular drink is now banned in Massachusetts, but my concern is that students may still have access to it. Four Loko is more difficult to access because liquor stores around campus are only allowed to sell what they had left in stock. Once it is out of stock, something is going to be on…

Is alcoholic whipped cream the next Four Loko?

In the wake of the Four Loko ban, several companies are offering alcohol-infused whipped cream, dubbed “whipahols.”

PCP: Four Loko is only the face of the issue

Collegian columnist Shane Cronin thinks that not only should Four Loko be banned, but all energy-alcoholic beverages as well. Four Loko is the face of a larger more dangerous culture.

PCP: I’m gonna have my Loko and drink it too

Collegian columnist Stacey Linehan won’t give up her Four Loko until they pull it from her cold, dead hands.

New alcoholic drink driving UMass students “Loko”

The new “it” drink at UMass is a caffeinated alcoholic beverage called Four Loko. The drink, which has reportedly caused students to “black-out” after just one can, is on the administrations radar, but no action has been taken quite yet.