Two hospitalized after traffic accident in Sunderland

By Nick Bush

Two female pedestrians were struck by a car at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon near the Cliffside bus stop in Sunderland, with one person sustaining serious injuries.

Sources at the scene reported seeing the seriously injured female being airlifted from the location of the accident. Sunderland Police later confirmed that she was taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

The accident occurred in front of Squire Village shopping center, on Rt. 116. The incident was the second pedestrian accident to occur at the Cliffside bus stop in less than a year.

When contacted, the Sunderland Police stated that the other female was taken to Cooley Dickenson Hospital in Northampton. She was released later in the day, with minor injuries.

The accident shut down Rt. 116 in Sunderland for most of Tuesday; Sunderland Police redirected northbound traffic down Plum Tree Rd., and southbound traffic was routed into the Squire Village parking lot.

Sunderland Police Chief Jeffery Gilbert could not be reached for comment.

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