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Barefoot Truth will have feet tapping

By Andrew Cogan

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“Universal consciousness” is the concept behind “Threads,” the new album released on Feb. 16 by American roots-rock band, Barefoot Truth.

The band describes the motivation for their latest release, “as we emerge from the wreckage of unbridled greed in America, this album aims to inspire us to reset our value meters, and celebrate life!”

This Saturday, at the Pearl Street Clubroom, the band will be playing to promote their new album, which they consider a milestone in their career.

“These songs are going to propel us to the next level,” said harmonica player Garrett Duffy in a recent interview with Andrew Beam of North Country Entertainment.

“We bring it back to the classic ‘white reggae’ feel, that roots-rock vibe,” said lead singer and guitar and drum player Will Evans in the same interview.

The band’s eclectic musical style fuses elements of folk, rock, blues and jazz, to create a unique but easily accessible sound presented on stage with youthful energy that reflects the band’s spirit of honesty and optimism in their music.

Barefoot Truth was originally formed as an acoustic duo by Evans and Jay Driscoll in Mystic, Conn. After three years and one album, 2005’s “Changes in the Weather,” the band’s line up and consequently its sound began to evolve. Now a quintet, the band features Evans on lead vocals, guitar, drums and didgeridoo, Driscoll on Weissenborn lap guitar and electric and acoustic guitar, Andy Wrba on electric and upright base, Garrett Duffy on harmonica, and Wayno on piano, organs and keyboards. The varied assortment of instruments has helped the band expand beyond its folk-rock origins by incorporating a rich blend of jazz, blues and reggae.

The band has had some big things going for it recently. Their fan base has grown steadily over the last few years, indicated by their achievement of over 4.5 million spins on Pandora radio. In 2008, the band toured with former member of Dispatch, Pete Francis, while also releasing two EP’s. In support of their newly released CD, the band has embarked on an extensive East Coast tour, selling out their first two shows in Boston. The band is hoping to keep up the momentum Saturday night in Northampton, where they aim to impress audiences with their unique sound and captivating live performance.

The show is also a homecoming for band member Jay Driscoll, who was born in Northampton and graduated from UMass in 2007.

Barefoot Truth will be supported by Naia Kete, a reggae-roots artist from the island of Cape Verde, off the west-coast of Africa, and also by Clogie Inc. It is sure to be an excellent show with plenty of feel-good vibes, thanks to the Barefoot Truth’s high-energy, upbeat songs. Tickets for the show cost $12.50 in advance and $15.00 at the door. Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

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