Annual SoccerFest comes to UMass April 30

By Steve Levine

Courtesy Facebook

It’s getting to be that time of year again filled with sunshine, warm weather and good times. It’s time for Supercuts Soccerfest.

On April 30, the University of Massachusetts will host the ninth annual Supercuts SoccerFest on the field behing McGuirk Alumni Stadium. The non-profit event, organized by the Event Management class in the Mark H. McCormack sport management department, centers around a soccer tournament, which is expected to draw around 120 teams this year.

The event is fully supported by its partners and participant registration fees, and it aims to promote the idea of growth through sport. The event also has its own website,, which has taken on a remodeled look this year.

The class’ mission statement reads: “This dynamic festival provides a safe atmosphere of fun and fair play. We are an interactive community event using soccer as a uniting thread for athletes, students, and families.”

Senior Bryan Archambault, who is in the department of tournament operations, knows the event will be successful.

“If you enjoy soccer and you have a team then you can play some games and really have some fun,” Archambault said. “That’s really what it’s all about – getting people together for some fun [and] some healthy outdoor active living.”

Last year, Supercuts SoccerFest attracted around 5,500 people. With new improvements and more to offer, the Event Management class is hoping at least 6,000 turn out this year. Senior Chris Tucci, who is in the marketing department and also runs the website, knows the event can be even better.

“We’re trying to upgrade the overall quality of the event,” Tucci said. “We’re trying to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved, including the parents, whether it’s the atmosphere, kind of music or games.”

He added, “We’re also trying to look at the inflatables and see what kind of new things we can bring in and any other kinds of games outside of soccer that we can give people to do.”

Players of the New England Revolution, the New England Major League Soccer team, will be involved, along with both the Massachusetts men’s and women’s soccer teams. Hundreds of volunteers will also lend a hand to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Despite the name, Supercuts SoccerFest is not all soccer. There are a number of events that draw participation, such as a series of inflatable bounce houses and a dunk tank (where professors get dunked) in the “Fun Zone,” or “Fenway Fantasy Park,” a miniature Fenway where Wiffle bat home run derbies will take place.

Two new features the event planners are excited about are the skills competition and the mascot shootout. The skills competition invites people who are interested to show off their soccer skills in various events. The mascot shootout will feature mascots from all over the community competing against each other, including Subway’s mascot and Sam the Minuteman.

On Tuesday night, The Pub hosted Supercuts SoccerFest and raised over $450 that will be allocated to the class budget. The Pub will host a similar night on March 29.

The event officially kicks off on April 30 at 8 a.m. behind McGuirk Alumni Stadium.

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