Long distance friendships

By Tori Hultzman

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I wake up to this in the morning. It’s ok, I understand if you’re a little jealous. When I moved in with my roommate our landlord told us that we were supposed to have a different room, and that we could change if we wanted to but he thought we would like this one. After seeing the room with a view of the parking lot, we “settled” for this one.

Morning View

My roommate Rose and I have noticed throughout the semester that we aren’t morning people. One of our first mornings here, we jumped out of bed when we saw this and ran to open the windows and get our cameras.

With Friends

One of the first weekends in Perugia we went to a “free” lunch a town or two away. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, c’era bellisima tempo! Anyway, I had my camera with me, per usual, and a photo-shoot ensued. I believe the emotion meant to be expressed is excitement, ma non è chiaro (it’s unclear).

Fontana Maggiore

Fontana Maggiore nel centro di Perugia is the best place to meet up with friends in town because everyone knows it. You can’t see them but to the right are the steps. There were a couple of 16 degrees Celsius days (60), which were amazing. Drinking a caffe shakerata (iced espresso), hanging out with friends, eating a “Ciao Ciao” panino – Che bella! I love the steps and “Centro” so much that I sit there when it’s freezing. If you sit there all day you will see every person that you know in Perugia.

Girls Will be Girls

It’s safe to say that girls don’t change when they go to a different country. We still share clothes, get ready together, drink together, laugh together, cry together and make a clean room look like a tornado blew through it. These are my closest girl friends in Perugia (minus my roommate who’s taking the above picture). It’s hard to describe what we’re doing, exactly, but my wardrobe is scattered throughout the room and I think everyone is wearing one of my shirts, except for me. I told you we don’t change when we move countries. All I can say about this night is, “Non è chiaro”.

Long Distance Friendships

I was told that when I went to college I would find my real friends and I did. When I decided to study abroad, I was told I would make friends that would know me better than anyone.

In both cases they were right. In two-and-a-half years at UMass I have made friends who will last a lifetime. Dopo due e mezza mesi (after 2 1/2 months) in Perugia, I can say the same.