Ignoring the ignorance: let this be the last time you hear of Tomi Lahren

By Miranda Donohue

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

If you haven’t heard of Tomi Lahren yet, I envy you.

Known for her outspoken, antagonistic rhetoric, the 24-year old host for TheBlaze has a segment titled “Final Thoughts,” in which Lahren stares into the camera and addresses all those who oppose her views. In response to protests, politicians and prejudice, she addresses “liberal snowflakes who are allegedly all wishful-thinking crybabies. This rhetoric is overwhelmingly copious and definitive which appeals to many during a time when there is a lot to be angry about. The irritated sermon Lahren professes to her viewers is as methodical and smart as it is inflammatory and controversial.

Spouting hatred and intolerance that widens the political divide between disgruntled Americans is highly watchable, especially according to the roughly 4 million likes on Lahren’s Facebook page. It is indeed entertaining to see someone stir the pot, despite different political affiliation. Similar to the 2016 United States presidential election that was centered around the strategic use of social media to exploit American fears and worries, “Final Thoughts” uses the same technique to draw viewers in.

What is Lahren’s secret you ask?

As controversial as she is effective, Lahren attracts viewership from both sides of the political spectrum, receiving praise as well as dissatisfaction. Baffled or bewildered by Lahren’s thoughts, which are deemed final but are ironically highly recurrent, you have to admire the obvious dedication to spreading her opinions like wildfire.

She is borrowing a chapter from President Donald Trump’s handbook that capitalizes on stirring up controversy in order to gravitate attention. Genius.

But, why is this dangerous? Because it works.

Lahren has been featured on popular, highly-rated shows such as Trevor Noah’s “The Daily Show and “Real Time with Bill Maher following controversy over her commentary. The constant spotlight and even this article itself is only adding to Ms. Lahren’s never-ending five minutes of fame.

So, let this be the final comment on Tomi Lahren.

Together, let us refrain from reacting to Lahren’s excessive tweets, posts, videos, podcasts and features and in doing so, ignore the ignorance. We can no longer promote hateful ignorance. We must redefine and reshape what we want communicated. Conveying blatant disregard for multiple groups of people is not the only clear issue; the incessant accusatory speech is detrimental to a country on the mend, fighting to unite.

Let us disconnect from prejudice that only further separates us. Let us speak to one another not in screams or shouts, but rather calmly and clearly. Let us stop blowing wind onto the fire, and rather let it slowly burn out, unattended to and forgotten about.

Miranda Donohue is a Collegian columnist and can be reached at [email protected].