UMass Fashion Organization’s ‘Amor Reescrito’ weaves love seamlessly into style

UFO’s fashion show takes audience on immersive journey through the various stages of love
UMass Fashion Organization’s ‘Amor Reescrito’ weaves love seamlessly into style

In a world where countless melodies serenade the spectrum of love, music and romance intertwine in a harmonious dance. However, the expression of romance within fashion is uncharted. On Monday, April 8, the University of Massachusetts Fashion Organization celebrated the fusion of romance and style with a fashion show titled “Amor Reescrito,” Spanish for “Love Rewritten,” in the Campus Center auditorium. UFO’s creative director, Isargy De La Cruz, a senior psychology and political science major, and the rest of the UFO team put on a fashion show spotlighting how garments can embody the stages of love.

Under the purple glow of the lighting, rows of spectators faced each other, leaving ample runway space between them for models to strut. A white screen served as a canvas for short films, each carefully crafted to introduce and amplify the emotions of each section’s show. The first film featured a couple engaged in a nearly silent battle, their unspoken tensions palpable. While the woman is unscrewing a wine bottle, she declines her partner’s offer of assistance. The woman’s annoyance simmered beneath the surface, fueled by many unspoken frustrations. Each time her partner uttered, “You good?” it struck a nerve, a reminder of their disconnect. To her, it felt like a superficial inquiry, a shallow attempt to gauge her well-being without truly understanding the depth of her emotions. The short film depicted the harmful consequences of miscommunication in love, succinctly capturing the essence of unhealthy relationships. This film provided a prelude to what unfolded in the fashion show, revealing the somber facets of “love,” portraying its toxic and destructive nature.

Picture the first notes of romance — a fluttering heartbeat, a stolen glance — as you meticulously select the perfect outfit for that enchanting first date. This stage is serious; one might opt for their finest suit, akin to those seen on the runway, where men don angular, structured looks and women sported sleek, sharp pencil skirts. However, the actual first stage of love isn’t the first sighting. It begins within oneself. The low self-esteem and internal critical voice are heavy and distraught. This is reflected in the choice of clothing, with heavy textiles and the dark palette dominating the ensemble of the first section, “Unspoken: Hidden Truths.”

A striking motif in the narrative was the depiction of large, knitted scarves enveloping the models’ mouths, serving as a tribute to the concealed truths we carry within — an ode to the section’s title. As the models strutted down the runway, each step seemed weighed down by the burden of heavy luggage they carried, potent symbols representing the emotional baggage we all have. With each suitcase swing, the models conveyed the weight of past experiences, heartaches and insecurities accompanying us on our journey through love.

A striking duo took the stage, each with skirts layered over pants. One model flaunted a combination of a flared skirt atop wide-legged pants, complemented by a cutout black bodysuit and a suit jacket, creating an all-black ensemble. Meanwhile, the other model donned a longer A-line wool skirt layered over baggy pants, paired with a burgundy leather jacket and a chunky knit turtleneck sweater. The layers and dark palette conveyed themes of burdens and secrecy.

Dylan Nguyễn

“These burdens lead people to believe they are unworthy of healthy love, believing they have to be perfect to be loved which creates an unattainable standard,” De La Cruz said. As the show progresses into its second section, titled “The Erosion of Perceived Perfection,” the exploration of toxic love delves even deeper. Distress emerges as a prominent theme despite the polished facade, visible in deliberate rips and tears accentuating several pieces. One striking outfit featured a model adorned in ripped flesh-toned tights, symbolizing a bold embrace of vulnerability amidst the pursuit of “perfection.” The section illustrates how the pressure to embody an idealized image of love leads to self-erosion, evident in the deconstruction of the outfits.

Dylan Nguyễn

The runway metamorphoses into a vivid tapestry of love’s kaleidoscopic hues in the third section of the show titled “Delirium,” with each outfit being a brushstroke of passion and vitality.

The introductory film depicted a couple dancing in perfect harmony, offering a glimpse of what was to come — a captivating ode to the vibrant hues of love that would unfold throughout the show. Two models showcased contrasting yet equally captivating outfits. One donned a sleek, long-sleeved black shirt paired with a shimmering sequin metallic disco ball skirt, accessorized with a silver necklace featuring three circular pendants. Another model exuded boldness in a fuzzy, shaggy lavender feather jacket layered over a striking green abstract-patterned bodycon mini dress, reminiscent of a Lilly Pulitzer print, completed with silver boots. The runway explodes with a riot of prints, spanning from art pop neon leggings to plaid kits, delicate florals  and bold geometric shapes. A bat-printed umbrella emerges as a whimsical accessory, a playful reminder of love’s ability to surprise and delight. “Delirium” became a symphony of color, movement and joy.

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The vibrancy and energy persist into the next section, albeit with a shift towards less whimsical attire. Here, the spotlight shines on solid colors and flowing silhouettes, meticulously tailored to accentuate and celebrate the contours of each model. “Dark Fantasies: The Cruel Touch,” the fourth section of the show, is a celebration of femininity in all its glory. As the show commences, the stage is ablaze with a procession of revenge dresses — each a fierce declaration of self-assurance and empowerment.

The section commences with a captivating bold yellow dress, boasting a sleek blazer-style cut with a flattering V-neckline and a floor-length hem. Enhanced by a mesh cinched waist and corset, this ensemble exudes confidence and allure. From there, the runway seamlessly transitions into a parade of sensual garments, each one epitomizing the essence of the “it girl,” featuring backless halter sheer dresses, red plunging blazer dresses, velvet mini dresses and jewel-toned knitted shimmery two-pieces. A particular standout piece was a daring sheer lace floral maxi robe, provocatively showcasing the model’s pasties, reminiscent of Rihanna’s iconic 2014 CFDA crystal-embellished naked dress.

With a playful and spirited demeanor, the models radiate a contagious energy — a sisterhood united in solidarity and mutual respect, mirroring the lively atmosphere of a “girls night out” as portrayed in the intro film. A group of girls gather with drinks, laughing and singing along to “Like This” by Kelly Rowland — a song celebrating a woman’s journey of growth beyond relationships and affirming her own excellence.

In one unforgettable moment, a girl gently lifts the chin of her fellow model, a silent affirmation of her worth and beauty. It’s a gesture of empowerment, a reminder that every woman is seen, valued and celebrated in this space.

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As individuals embrace self-empowerment and love, the journey toward healthy relationships becomes realistic. This is vividly portrayed in the final film of the evening, where a couple shares longing gazes, radiating affection and tenderness towards each other. Titled “Longing,” the last section presents a complete departure from the earlier exploration of toxic romance, depicting a gentle and nurturing love. The runway transforms into a sanctuary of timeless elegance and understated allure. The fashion choices here are a symphony of earth tones, flowing fabrics and relaxed fits — a harmonious blend that captures the essence of effortless chic.

The models are enveloped in a palette of warm earth tones — rich browns, soft beiges and muted greens — that evoke the serenity of nature. These hues serve as a canvas for the flowing fabrics that cascade gracefully around the body, each movement a dance of fluidity and grace. Linen emerges as the dominant fabric, its natural texture lending each ensemble a sense of casual sophistication. From billowing trousers to oversized shirts, the relaxed silhouettes exude calm elegance, inviting the wearer to embrace their unique style.

Dylan Nguyễn
Dylan Nguyễn

The show’s collections showcased fashion’s beauty and transformative potential, leaving audiences captivated and inspired. Seamlessly blending film and fashion to narrate the story of love, the show elevated its storytelling from past shows, with models’ interactions on the runway reflecting diverse personalities.

When asked about working with models, Esosa Osunde, senior economics major and UFO modeling coordinator said, “We don’t seek to change anyone’s identity, but we want to add it to our vision.” By embracing individual differences, fashion not only celebrates individuality but also cultivates a collective spirit of acceptance and unity. Through innovative designs and inclusive narratives, it has the remarkable ability to bridge gaps and inspire connections, ultimately shaping a more inclusive and interconnected society.

Samourra Rene can be reached at [email protected].

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