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‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ is too similar to the first film

By Scott Lerer, Collegian Staff February 13, 2023
There are good qualities to "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," but it does not work as a whodunnit.
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The best TV shows of 2022

By Ashviny Kaur and Shannon Moore December 31, 2022
The best television 2022 had to offer.
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Best (and worst) of 2022: The Special Issue

By Collegian Staff December 31, 2022
Thoughts, opinions, and reviews on this years films, music, TV shows and more.
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The top K-pop albums of 2022

By Sierra Thornton, Collegian Staff December 31, 2022
How many of these 2022 K-pop albums have you listened to?
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The best horror films of 2022

By Thomas Machacz, Collegian Staff December 31, 2022
A look back at the stories that’ll keep you up at night
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The worst movies of 2022

By Ashviny Kaur, Collegian Staff December 31, 2022
These were some of the most memorable films of 2022, just not for the right reasons.
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2022 Playlist: Collegian staff picks for top songs of the year

By Collegian Staff December 31, 2022
See if your favorite song made the cut for the Collegian’s staff’s favorite songs of the year.
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Top Shein alternatives that climbed the ladder in 2022

By Amalia Wompa, Collegian Correspondent December 31, 2022
Affordable alternatives to Shein that grasped the attention of young consumers this year.
UMass Dissenters presentan una solicitud a la administración de Isenberg

UMass Dissenters presentan una solicitud a la administración de Isenberg

Courtesia de Toby Paperno / UMass Dissenters De Grace Fiori y Ronan Fitzgerald Octubre 20, 2022 El miércoles 9 de noviembre, los UMass Dissenters organizaron una caminata dentro del ‘Learning...

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Amherst necesita vida nocturna más vibrante

Araz Havan / Daily Collegian De Raksha Pokharel, Corresponsal de Collegian 15 de noviembre, 2022 Los bares están muy abarrotados y no hay lugar ni espacio para bailar. Me pregunto si de verdad...


Spotify Wrapped

By Shanti Furtado and Caitlin Reardon December 14, 2022

With so much new music and old favorites alike gaining popularity in the last year; Spotify’s annual feature continues to gain buzz. On the first episode of, “Record Me This”  Shanti Furtado...

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‘Don’t Stop’ talking about Christine McVie

By Shanti Furtado, Assistant Video Editor December 13, 2022
“A soaring songbird amongst the sea of drama and artistry that is Fleetwood Mac.”
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