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While the pandemic separated us physically, it brought us together in another light

By Dan McGee, Assistant Sports Editor May 5, 2021

As an undergrad, my Monday schedule usually consisted of a long day of classes, followed by hustling to either the Champions Center or McGuirk Stadium for a media session, running back to my dorm to write...

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Letter: UMass needs menstrual equality now

By Letter Contributor May 5, 2021

In 2020, Scotland became the first country to provide free menstrual products to all. Soon after, New Zealand followed with an announcement that menstrual products would become free to all students. Slowly,...

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Reflections from pandemic coverage: write, write, write.

By Claire Healy, Assistant News Editor May 5, 2021

I entered the pandemic as I was being ushered out of Cuba onto a plane to Miami, where a couple next to me spent a good 20 minutes scrubbing their seats with disinfectant before ultimately moving to another...

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‘So it goes’

By Nina Walat, Photo Editor May 5, 2021

In a way, I feel very fortunate that this will be my only piece of writing that runs in the Daily Collegian. There’s something about working at a newspaper for so long and having no articles to show...

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Writing with nuance is your own best defense

By Greg Fournier, Assistant Op/Ed Editor May 5, 2021

Writing for the Daily Collegian has always been something of a selfish affair for me. By definition, an Op/Ed is a self-centered piece of journalism. Amidst all the sober, even coverage of sports events,...

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‘Set your sails, it’s a big wide ocean’

By Chris McLaughlin, Assistant News Editor May 5, 2021

Alright, I’m just going to explain this from the get-go: this is going to be one giant analogy…based around the ocean. Bear with me. Coming to the University of Massachusetts, a campus of tens of...

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A goodbye

By Quinn He, Arts Editor May 5, 2021

I can say with confidence, one of my favorite parts of college was being able to write for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Even though my time here was relatively short, the Collegian has impacted my...

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My time was short, but meaningful

By Hannah Ellison, Social Media Editor May 5, 2021

I joined the Collegian during the second semester of my senior year at the University of Massachusetts. Although my time here has not been very long, I am in awe, every week, of the hard work each member...

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Collegian staff Alexandra Molloy reminisces on their time at Collegian

By Alexandra Molloy, Collegian Staff May 5, 2021

After a year of full submersion in the biological sciences, my sophomore year I decided to take a leap and join something not so science heavy. During the 2018 Fall Activities Expo, I was hopping from...

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I’ll never be bashful about being from the Collegian

By Evan Marinofsky, Assistant Sports Editor May 5, 2021

Well, the time has come. I have a lot of thoughts on the past four years. Hopefully I’m able to properly articulate them in the next 800 words or so. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I’ll let you...

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All goodbyes are hard, but this is the hardest

By Noah Bortle, Sports Editor May 5, 2021

It’s really tempting to use this column as a way to reflect on what I did — and didn’t — accomplish at the Daily Collegian in my four years here. It’s easy to thank the Collegian for letting...

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Why serving justice doesn’t always hold the guilty accountable

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist April 29, 2021
Opinion: Holding those in power accountable means more than dishing out a 75-year prison sentence.
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