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Benjamin Z. Tan/ Daily Collegian (2019)

Cooking should not be an off-campus privilege

By Elliot Hajjaj, Collegian Correspondent October 17, 2022
“A community kitchen will unite students and give them a creative and educational outlet, along with easing the load on dining halls.”
Shilpa Sweth/ Daily Collegian (2022)

Hispanic students face learning barriers, and it’s hurting our health care workforce

By Juliette Perez, Collegian Contributor October 13, 2022
“An investment in the educational opportunities available to Hispanic students is an investment in the future of Hispanic generations and the U.S. health care system.”
Alec Zabrecky/ Daily Collegian (2015)

By lowering the drinking age, we can address the real cause of alcohol’s ills

By Liam Rue, Collegian Columnist October 12, 2022
“Rather than try to outlaw 18-year-olds from drinking, we must instead focus on giving them the resources to drink responsibly.”
Jon Asgeirsson/ Daily Collegian (2019)

BeReal isn’t the solution to social media

By Antinoe Kotsopoulos, Collegian Contributor October 12, 2022
“Although BeReal is, in many aspects, better than platforms like Instagram and Facebook, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question whether we need to be a part of it,” writes Antinoe Kotsopoulos.
Daily Collegian (2010)

UMass renters deserve better from their landlords

By Colby Sutton, Collegian Contributor October 12, 2022
All students living off campus deserve a landlord that will make their college experience better.
McKenna Premus / Daily Collegian

Renaming ‘Columbus Day’ to ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ is performative

By Manas Pandit, Collegian Columnist October 10, 2022
“Renaming contributes nothing to material improvement in the lives of Native American communities,” says Manas Pandit.
McKenna Premus / Daily Collegian

UMass alumni Robert Weiner address issues within American democracy

By Eve Neumann, Collegian Correspondent October 10, 2022
Weiner’s argument centers around the loss of democratic values since the Civil War.
Katherine Mayo / Daily Collegian

Satire: UMass needs to take care of these unpheasant geese

By Asha Baron, Assistant Op/Ed Editor October 10, 2022
Satire: Campus geese have been annoying students, but toucan play at that game.
Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian (2014)

Let’s stop pretending Central is central

By Muskan Kumar, Collegian Correspondent October 6, 2022
Opinion: Central Residential Area isn’t really “central” if part of the area is on Orchard Hill. UMass should reconsider the name, writes Muskan Kumar.
Matt Wade/Flickr

Court packing is the only viable option to fix the Supreme Court

By Ben Schnurr, Collegian Columnist October 4, 2022
The only way to make the court more representative of the American people is by adding more left-leaning justices to the court.
Shaina Mishkin/Daily Collegian

We’re bored and that’s a big problem

By Manas Pandit, Collegian Columnist October 3, 2022
“We as a culture were glued to the celebrity ‘cheating’ drama,” says Manas Pandit.
Lynus Erickson/ Daily Collegian (2019)

Be more critical of the content you consume

By Elliot Hajjaj, Collegian Contributor October 2, 2022
As algorithms get better and companies press their idea of what the future will look like, our humanity — as battered as it could be — must express itself.
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