Shilpa Sweth/ Daily Collegian (2022)

The invisible threads that kill original thought

By Daniel Macomber, Collegian Contributor April 3, 2023
Opinion: “We need to combat this sheltered perception of real-life issues with inclusive dialogue.”
Shilpa Sweth/ Daily Collegian (2022)

Letter: President Biden should do more to improve protections for Cashes Ledge

By Letter Contributor April 3, 2023
Letter: “This situation needs to be properly addressed; as each moment passes, many more animals will be at risk.”

¿Quién tiene la mejor comida en el Hockey al este?

Keith Toffling Daily Collegian (2018) De Kayla Gregoire y Colin McCarthy 9 de marzo del 2023 Informar sobre el equipo de hockey de Massachusetts requiere manejar mucho y visitar estadios casi...

Morning Wood: UMass Hysteria

By Asha Baron and Johnny Depin April 1, 2023
Morning Wood: UMass Hysteria.
Graphic by Nick Archambault.

Morning Wood: 2023

By Collegian Staff April 1, 2023
Morning Wood is the Collegian's annual April Fools' Day issue. All articles are satirical.
Will Katcher/Daily Collegian (2018)

Morning Wood: Where is it?

By Stella Virgin, Impotent April 1, 2023
A confused correspondent doesn’t quite understand that words can have two meanings.

Morning Wood: UMass to hold first annual ‘Hunger Games’ to combat housing crisis

By Dick Downe, Tribute April 1, 2023
May the odds be ever in your favor … to get a dorm
Shilpa Sweth/Daily Collegian (2022)

Morning Wood: Bricks falling from Du Bois library part of admin’s plan to cut down on population of lame nerds on campus

By Khan Cussion, Morning Wood Correspondent April 1, 2023
“This is probably the closest thing to getting ‘bricked up’ that they’ll ever get.”
Nina Walat/Daily Collegian (2020)

Morning Wood: Eduroam Rewind

By Eric Shen, Somehow Still Employed April 1, 2023
A slog through UMass’ internet history swamp.
Andy Castillo/Daily Collegian (2015)

Morning Wood: UMass Student Trustee stages apparent hostile corporate takeover of Board of Trustees

By Chan Cellar, Senior Deputy Assistant Executive News Editor April 1, 2023
Yu Khan had allegedly purchased the majority shares of the University of Massachusetts system according to recent SEC filings
Geoff King/Daily Collegian (2010)

Morning Wood: Where to find UMass’ most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes

By Annie Position, Down For Anything April 1, 2023
Delete Tinder and meet someone the old-fashioned way at these romantic on-campus locales.
Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Daily Collegian (2016)

Morning Wood: In conversation with UMass AI

By Lotsa Datta, AI Curious April 1, 2023
UMass’ newest development in AI gives insight into what the future may hold, writes Lotsa Datta.
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