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진정한 저널리즘은 객관적일 수 없다

By Max Schwartz, Sarah Selin Kim, and Wooseong Kwon April 16, 2021

우리는 언론인로써 다양한 목표를 가지고 일하게 된다. 대통령 토론에 대해 보도하거나, 분쟁의 최전선에서 글을 쓰거나, 모든 것을 사진으로 담아내는...

Le vrai journalisme ne peut pas être objectif

Le vrai journalisme ne peut pas être objectif

By Max Schwartz, Meg Beauregard, and Iris Thesmar April 15, 2021
Opinion: Nous devons admettre qu'un journalisme objectif est impossible lorsque les expériences humaines sont uniquement subjectives
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You cared about the March Madness weight room debacle. Care about this, too

By Lily Robinson, Collegian Columnist April 15, 2021
Opinion: The most important battles for gender equity in sports aren’t national news. They are within our own communities and nobody is talking about them.
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NFTs are not worth the environmental cost

By Catherine Hurley, Collegian Columnist April 15, 2021
Opinion:There are more environmentally conscious alternatives to crypto exchanges on the way, but that does not diminish the effect today and the precedent set for inherent value in NFTs.
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True journalism can’t be objective

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist April 14, 2021

As journalists we begin our careers with different goals, some of us reporting on presidential debates, others on the frontlines of a skirmish with a reporter’s vest and taking photos of it all. What...

Massachusetts must pass the 100 Percent Clean Act

Massachusetts must pass the 100 Percent Clean Act

By Letter Contributor April 13, 2021
Letter: The 100 Percent Clean Act would show that Massachusetts is committed to environmental progress.
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To help secure a green future, Biden should institute a carbon tax

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Contributor April 12, 2021
Opinion: A carbon tax would kill two birds with one stone, writes Luke Halpern.
Senate moderates will determine the fate of Democrats’ legislative agenda

Senate moderates will determine the fate of Democrats’ legislative agenda

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian Columnist April 8, 2021
Opinion: “If Democratic senators... want to be a truly moderating force in the Senate, they need to place less emphasis on compromise between the parties and more on cooperation within their own.”
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The Atlanta shootings must serve as a wakeup call for the UMass community

By Julia Oktay, Collegian Contributor April 8, 2021
Opinion: UMass is not doing enough to combat anti-Asian racism following COVID-19 and the Atlanta shootings.
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There will be no economic boom when this pandemic is over

By Ruya Hazeyen, Collegian Columnist April 7, 2021

As we start to approach the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, talks about a post-pandemic economic boom have been ever-present. Many people are comparing it to the post-1945 boom that occurred after World...

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The U.S. sanctions on China are well-deserved

By Greg Fournier, Assistant Op/Ed Editor April 7, 2021

Last week, the United States did something rather extraordinary. It teamed up with the United Kingdom, Canada and the European Union to place sanctions on Chinese officials suspected of engaging in genocidal...

Planning a successful in-person commencement

Planning a successful in-person commencement

By Letter Contributor April 6, 2021
Help us plan a successful in-person commencement
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