Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Boston College tries to end condom distribution on its campus

By Emily Mias

March 28, 2013

“Ignorance is bliss.” That’s one interpretation of the abstinence-only sex education argument that asserts that if students are taught to abstain from sex, then they won’t have any, and there won’t be any issues. Right? Wrong. Pre-marital sex is only becoming more culturally accep...

Sex Educator makes students say “Oh Megan!”

By Jake Reed

March 13, 2013

When students think of sex-ed, they might get uncomfortable or think they already know it all. But Megan Andelloux, a certified sexologist and sex educator, aims to shatter all stereotypes, and she’s bringing her “Study Sex Col...

Letters to the Editor: 3-2-11

By Staff

March 2, 2011

While I will not fault Yevgenia Lomakina on questioning contemporary public morality, I do take offense with many of her other points concerning sex education, Planned Parenthood and her seeming justification of rape when alcoh...