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Just sleep it off

By Luke Dery

November 29, 2012

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Young adults are constantly told by parents, doctors and advisors about the importance of sleep and how it is essential to our health and performance in life. However, to many young people, sleep is the last item on the list of important activities. This notion is esp...

The Culture of ‘Thinspiration’

By Nia Decaille

April 22, 2012

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If you type in “thinspiration” into google you get over a thousand hits of blogs written by young women and their journey to become thin. What does this have to do with the fashion industry? Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell. Chanel Iman. ...

Diet the right way with simple tricks

By Ashley Berger

April 27, 2011

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Long days spent at the beach are now within sight, and many people want to lose a few pounds before lounging in bikinis or taking a dip topless in trunks. But slimming down and toning up isn’t always easy. Practice these...