January 31, 2015

Scrolling Headlines:

UMass Dining places Super Bowl food bet with University of Washington -

Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Preview: New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks -

Friday, January 30, 2015

John McCutcheon reflects on his time at UMass, admits it’s time for change -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass downs Dayton in bounce-back win -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass athletic director John McCutcheon to take job at UCSB -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass encourages responsible celebrating, modifies guest policy ahead of Super Bowl -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass basketball returns home to Mullins Center with matchup against Dayton -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Microsoft introduces Windows 10, Codename Spartan and the HoloLens -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cheap gas, a speed bump for the planet -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friday night a chance at redemption for UMass hockey -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beautiful focuses on body image and loving oneself -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Minutewomen set to redeem themselves against the Bonnies -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass basketball seeks more consistency out of its veterans -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UMass hockey hopes to ride momentum into Friday’s matchup against Boston University -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tips for maintain and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle -

Thursday, January 29, 2015

MASSPIRG urges McDonalds to stop purchasing meat raised with antibiotics -

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to avoid, treat and prevent Computer Vision Syndrome as a college student -

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama and Modi strengthen ties between U.S. and India -

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

UMass receives research honor from the Carnegie Foundation -

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Islamophobia is a form of racism that needs to be stopped -

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microsoft introduces Windows 10, Codename Spartan and the HoloLens


The company looks to make an augmented, holographic future our reality.

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Tips for maintain and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle


How to keep the promise you made to yourself to live better.

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How to avoid, treat and prevent Computer Vision Syndrome as a college student

(Collegian File Photo)

Excessive exposure to technology could be having a negative effect on your eyes.

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Björk gets personal on breakup album, ‘Vulnicura’

bjork Alex4c flickr

The Icelandic singer’s ninth album shows her at her most vulnerable and introspective.

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Panda Bear remains confident, even in the face of ‘The Grim Reaper’

(Alex Wright/Flickr)

Animal Collective member Panda Bear releases strong, emotional new album.

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Albums to look forward to in 2015


Jack Nichols provides a guide to some of the most exciting upcoming albums of the year.

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‘Broad City’s’ second season off to a wickedly funny start

(Comedy Central

The rapid-fire comedy quickly latches onto its voice in its second season.

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2015 Winter TCA’s announce bevy of show returns and new releases

Television Critics Association announce Colbert will take over the "Late Night" Sept. 8 (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Classic sci-fi revivals and cable networks made the biggest splash at this year’s TCA’s.

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Brilliant online film archives for cinema lovers

A perfect fit for film lovers looking to sail through Hollywood’s late winter doldrums.

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‘Selma’ resonates with the here and now

(Cloud Eight Films)

Strongly acted and directed, the historical drama is a film for the ages.

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Coming together for HBO’s “Togetherness”


“Togetherness” is the HBO show equivalent of an indie film

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“The Imitation Game” plays into mimicry with an underwhelming narrative about Alan Turing

(Black Bear Pictures)

The new Alan Turing biopic can’t transcend genre’s pitfalls.

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Send cash to friends over Snapchat with Snapcash

(Gadgets Informer/Flickr)

A partnership with Square allows social sharing of more than just pictures for certain Snapchat users.

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Breaking down CES: The big-picture for tech in 2015

(Kate Ter Haar/Flickr)

2015 has the potential to mark major advances in technology.

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Stay functional and fashionable this winter

Collegian File Photo

Dress smart by keeping warm in the coming cold months

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Nicki Minaj leaves her “Pinkprint” on hip-hop

(NRK P3/Flickr)

Hip-hop superstar delivers her most fully realized album to date.

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The Academy’s season of snubs

Plenty of Missed Nominations this Oscar Season

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Thinking realistically: 2015 New Year’s resolutions

(Brett Jordan/Flickr)

You should always strive for greatness, but it’s also important to keep in mind what is attainable. Here’s a list of resolutions worth keeping in the year of 2015.

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The best music 2014 had to offer


Four of the most innovative and remarkable records of 2014.

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‘The Walking Dead’ caps off with a shocker


Season five so far has exemplified great acting, strong dialogue and a powerful storyline.

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‘Dear White People’ is the opposite of ground breaking

(Duly Noted, Homegrown Pictures and Code Red Films)

Movie fails to educate people fully on racism.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe shows signs of life in Phase Three


Marvel has scheduled your theater-going for the next five years.

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Podcast: Walking Dead – Dec. 4, 2014


Alex Frail and Jack Nichols recap this year in “The Walking Dead” in the Daily Collegian Arts Walking Dead podcast.

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Great and delicious alternatives for Thanksgiving dinner

(Justin Snow/Flickr)

How to accommodate all tastes for a non-traditional holiday meal.

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Alternative ways to deal with stress

(Livin Spoonful/Flickr)

You may be handling your stress wrong. You may be stressed and not even realize it.
Read more about stress and college life.

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eSports: A new kind of sport

(Andrew Rush/ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Julian del Prado articulate why eSports should be considered a sport and reveals its surprising popularity.

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Comedy podcasting has never offered more quality and variation

(Patrick Breitenbach/Flickr)

Finding a podcast to suit your taste in an ever-growing genre.

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O.A.R. and Andy Grammer team up for electric Calvin Theater concert

(Brian Bruemmer/Flickr)

The two acts made for an unlikely but successful combination in Northampton Sunday.

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The Head and the Heart to headline Calvin Theater this Sunday


The alternative folk band will take center stage this weekend in Northampton.

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Greens such as kale are more than just a trendy fad

(Clem Murray/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT)

Food gentrification around kale and other greens is hurting the working poor.

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‘First Demo’ provides a fascinating glimpse of Fugazi in its infancy

(Dani Cantó/Flickr)

The 1988 demo shows early energy and cohesion of the punk legends.

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One Direction hints at newfound sophistication on ‘Four’

(Disney I ABC Television Group/Flickr)

The world-famous boy band introduces new sounds and ideas to its winning formula on newest album.

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TV on the Radio sounds rejuvenated on ‘Seeds’

The band worked through tragedy to produce its strong new album.

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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ is epic and moving


The latest entry in the Dragon Age series should impress fans old and new with its massive world, brilliant characters and polished gameplay.

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The Martha Graham Dance Company gives traditional, yet innovative and strong performance

One of the longest-running American modern dance companies served audience members a plate of old and new works at the Fine Arts Center on Nov. 18.

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Lammily doll defies life in plastic, and it’s fantastic?

(Lammily, LLC)

The controversial, average Barbie is here in the form of a Lammily doll.

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Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons shine in ‘Whiplash’

(Sony Pictures Classics)

With a sharply focused narrative and strong performances from its lead actors, the film is best experienced up close.

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Why Melissa McBride is the best actor on television

( Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

McBride has delivered the television’s best performance as Carol on ‘The Walking Dead,’ writes Alexander Frail.

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Revisiting ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy as the final installment looms

(Warner Bros./MCT)

A look back at “The Hobbit,” a film far better than the reviews it has gotten over the years.

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Awaken your awareness to sleeping

(Tony Alter/Flickr)

College students often sacrifice sleep in order to satisfy their daily schedules.

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The pumpkin spice pandemic

(Cascadian Farm/Flickr)

The trending fall flavor is so exposed to the point where some question its appeal.

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“Rosewater:” Poetic and relevant but nothing special

(Open Road Films/MCT)

Award-winning comedian and talk show host Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, “Rosewater,” lacks gripping elements.

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Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ underwhelms


The band’s homage to its recently deceased keyboardist works as a tribute, but not as a great album.

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O.A.R. and Andy Grammer join forces at the Calvin Theater this Sunday

(Courtesy of Brian Bruemmer/Flickr)

The band will bring its reggae-infused college rock to Northampton this weekend.

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Big K.R.I.T. stays true to his roots in strong new album

(Courtesy of  NRK P3/flickr)

The 28-year-old rapper represents the Deep South on “Cadillactica,” released Nov. 10.

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‘Assassin’s Creed Unity:’ Flawed but worthy

(Courtesy of  Ubisoft Media)

The latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed series sacrifices much of what fans loved about the last entry in favor of new ideas.

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I went to Cape Town – and so should you

(Courtesy of Dietmar Temps)

There are opportunities students should and need to take to keep learning.

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Real hair, don’t care: The Natural Hair Movement

(Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment)

Why women have been, and should be, throwing out chemical hair products and growing their hair in its natural form.

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‘Interstellar’ is an exhilarating, emotional space odyssey

(Courtesy of Legendary Pictures)

Christopher Nolan’s latest has a beating heart beneath the spectacle.

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‘Birdman:’ a sure-fire hit at the Oscars

(Courtesy of  New Regency Pictures)

Keaton delivers performance of the year.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe raises the stakes in first two phases

(Courtesy of Marvel)

A host of bland superheroes does not make a franchise, but Marvel doesn’t know.

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Amherst Coffee: The best cup of coffee in Amherst

(Tracy Troisi/Daily Collegian)

Always wondered where to get the best brew in Amherst? Look no further than Amherst Coffee.

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Art Walk aims to revitalize Amherst’s art culture

(Collegian file photo)

Eleven different venues displayed the work of local artists during last Thursday’s event

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Watsky’s performance at Pearl Street Night Club on Thursday was “Strong As An Oak”

(Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Watsky’s energetic performance shook the Northampton and left them in awe.

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A hyperbolic romp through the Apocalypse

(Courtesy of MCT Direct)

Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive, “Sunset Overdrive,” is a cocktail of comedy, action and pure fun.

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1990s TV fashion making a comeback

Decades later, fashion from the 1990s is finally making its highly anticipated comeback.

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Snowboarding as a culture, a pastime and an art

From fashion to tricks, snowboarding is a sport providing individualism in all forms.

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Recent action flicks pale in comparison to ‘John Wick’

(Courtesy of Summit Entertainment)

Keanu Reeves delivers in full in a thrill ride worth its recent positive attention.

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‘Gracepoint’ brings the classic ‘whodunnit’ mystery genre back to television

(Courtesy of Fox)

While not spectacular, ‘Gracepoint’ offers an engaging mystery for its audience to puzzle over.

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Jake Gyllenhaal is at his best in ‘Nightcrawler’

(Courtesy of Bold Films)

Gyllenhaal flawlessly plays a sociopath let loose in the despicable world of crime journalism.

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Stephen Driscoll returns to the UMass stage in ‘The Merchant of Venice’

(Courtesy of UMass Theater Department)

The UMass alumnus is reprising his role as Shylock in the UMass Theater Department’s latest production.

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ gets back on its beat

(Tina Franklin/Flickr)

Early episodes of Fox’s hit comedy show a promising return to form.

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More action than accuracy in ‘Dracula Untold’

(Gwydion Williams/Flickr)

The film is a misunderstood original telling of the vampiric impaler’s origins.

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Theophilus London branches out on second album

(Courtesy of Mark Runyon/Flickr)

Sophomore LP finds rapper working with Kanye West, exploring new sounds.

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Primus takes on ‘Willy Wonka’ in strange new album

(Courtesy of Chad Johnson/Flickr)

The legendary rock trio has reimagined the classic film in its first album since 1995, “Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble.”

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Neil Young delivers mixed bag on ‘Storytone’

(Courtesy of NRK P3/Flickr)

Rock legend’s 35th studio album is a mostly unsatisfying group of heavily orchestrated songs.

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IPO making studying abroad for all students possible

(Courtesy of .....)

Students from UMass can go abroad and students from other countries can come to UMass with help from the International Programs Office.

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The science of beauty shows the future of cosmetics

New research and trials on scientific compound called SR9009 gives a glimpse into the future of cosmetics.

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Halloween Special Issue

(James Desjardin/Randy Crandon/Daily Collegian)

Happy Halloween from the Daily Collegian!

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B-horror films: hits and misses of the nightmare genre

(Courtesy of  Image Comics)

Five movies you should’ve seen and 11 you should never have to

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The broke college student horror comic buyers guide

(Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics)

These titles will leave you sleepless but not penniless.

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To live and die and live again

(Caroline O'Connor/Daily Collegian)

From ghouls to the Infected to walkers: the evolution of the zombie

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The anatomy of a horror game

(Avery Campbell/Daily Collegian)

A breakdown of the horror genre in video games and what makes a truly good horror game.

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Robert Johnson’s deal with the devil

(Courtesy of bluescentric.com)

The questions that surround the blues legend’s almost mythical talents.

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Humans vs. Zombies: UMass’ most dangerous game

(Caroline O'Connor/Daily Collegian)

A look into this semester’s on-campus Humans vs. Zombies game and its final hours

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Group Halloween costumes inspired by the roles of Hollywood icons

(Courtesy of Good Universe and Point Grey Pictures)

The past roles of these Hollywood stars are perfect for those looking for group-themed costumes this Halloween.

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A haunting at UMass

(Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian)

The UMass History Club gave a tour of the most haunted places on campus Monday.

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It’s not just a costume, it’s a culture

(Justin Surgent /Daily Collegian)

Understanding the importance of cultural appropriation, its harmful effects and ways to avoid committing it.

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Murderous child subgenre in horror films

(Courtesy of Angeles Entertainment Group)

The common tropes of an ignored sub section in the horror genre.

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Halloween and sitcoms

(Courtesy of CBS)

What’s so special about Halloween episodes?

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Open mic night at the Black Sheep Deli creates community among local musicians

(Collegian file photo)

The Black Sheep Deli’s open mic night has become a welcoming space for area musicians to showcase work each Thursday night.

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Making the delicious mixture Tuscan kale and cannellini sauté

(Greg Turner/Flickr)

Classic Italian flavors blend together to create a blissful, warm dish

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Taylor Swift is “Fearless” as she reinvents herself in a clean way

(Jeff Blake/The State/MCT)

The country-turned-pop artist’s fifth album has a new, but not unexpected sound that may draw in even the most skeptical listeners.

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Chadwick Stokes to headline Pearl Street this Saturday

(Courtesy of Ryan Mastro)

Dispatch and State Radio singer and guitarist brings his unique worldview to Northampton.

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An inside look at the music of Marty Boyle, one of the Valley’s most talented songwriters

(Robert Rigo/Daily Collegian)

The singer-songwriter and his band, the New Rockwells, produce folk-rock music that is all at once dynamic, evolving and unpredictable.

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Whistl app and phone case created to fight sexual assault


The fight against sexual assault inspired a creation team for the phone case and app Whistl.

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‘Avengers & X-Men: Axis’ fails to serve as Marvel Comics’ next big crossover event

(Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Uncharacteristically poor writing and artwork from some of the industry’s best drag this tie-in series down.

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Invite-only social media site Ello an uninspired recycling bin for other networking sites

New invite-only social media site Ello offers as little as staring at a blank Google document.

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‘Love is Strange’ is beautiful, painful and groundbreaking

(Sony Pictures Classics)

The movie’s portrayal of love is simple, effortless and nurturing, making it all the more heart wrenching.

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‘The Good Wife’ returns as strong as ever

(Courtesy of CBS)

Season six catapults the characters in exciting new directions.

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“Fury” falls just short of greatness

(Giles Keyte/MCT)

A fantastic cast keeps this World War II drama fighting.

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A guide to comic collecting in the Pioneer Valley

(Andy Ihnatko/Flickr)

Jack Nichols highlights three shops in Northampton that comic collectors must visit when seeking new comics.

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Gamard: Is gluten really bad or just a fad?

(Elowas pantry/Flickr)

Does this new dietary craze have any scientific backing?

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Yellowcard switches things up on “Lift a Sail”

(Courtesy of Focka/Flickr)

The veteran pop-punk band changes gears on its ninth studio album, released Oct. 7.

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Sonny Landreth performs intense, brief set at the Iron Horse

(Kristen Richard/Daily Collegian)

The guitar virtuoso brought energy and chops but failed to engage with the audience during Thursday’s Northampton performance.

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Tinashe impresses on debut album, “Aquarius”


Singer of “2 On” looks to make herself a household name on guest-loaded first album.

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS: A classic revitalized

(Super Smash Bros./MCT)

Nintendo’s next entry in the Super Smash series delivers all that players know and love with a few clever additions.

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Duolingo makes learning a language easier

The language app Duolingo feels more like a game as opposed to a classroom.

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The Phablet continues to grow and maintain popularity

Larger cell phones continue to grow and maintain popularity due to certain purchasing decisions.

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East meets west: Sheng Dong “A Moving Sound” delights on its third stop of its US tour

A rare taste of authentic Taiwanese culture with a twist.

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New England can dance: The Massachusetts Dance Festival gala performance

After five years, The Massachusetts Dance Festival brings some new, successful surprises to this year’s gala’s lineup.

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An Incredible Folk Collaboration Heads to NoHo this Sunday

The Milk Carton Kids perform in 2013 in Newport, Rhode Island. (Laura Fedele/WFUV)

The Milk Carton Kids meet with Sarah Jarosz to create a beautiful mesh of music and sound.

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‘The Walking Dead’ awakens with rousing premiere

(Courtesy of AMC)

The fifth season of the AMC series is its most promising yet.

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‘The Legend of Korra’ kicks off Book Four with a bang

(Courtesy of Nickelodeon)

Fourth season premiere promises darker, more mature final chapter.

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Love and loss resonate in ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’

(Courtesy of The Weinstein Company)

Ned Benson’s directorial debut features a deeply affecting, thoughtfully crafted narrative.

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Challenge yourself with intensive workouts at the Recreation Center

(Paige Teeny/Flickr)

Rejuvenate your exercise regimen with these group fitness classes

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Progressive dance music makes its way to NoHo this week

(Alicia Rodriguez/ Flickr)

Papadosio, Twiddle and Honeycomb will bring energetic dance music to Pearl Street this Thursday

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Finding healthy dining options at Franklin Dining Hall

(Collegian file photo)

A guide to eating well on campus when healthy eating isn’t readily available.

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Weezer make strong return with ‘Everything Will Be Alright in the End’

(Courtesy of James Pawlish/Flickr)

Legendary band Weezer returns with “Everything Will Be Alright” – its best LP in over a decade.

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Aer and Dizzy Wright impress at the Pearl Street Ballroom

Courtesy Matt MiGGZ

Rappers Aer and Dizzy Wright provide an energetic night of music in Northampton on Thursday.

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Sonny Landreth slides his way into the Iron Horse

(Courtesy of Carl Lender/Flickr)

The slide guitar master will play in Northampton this Thursday.

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Fights, tattoos, and networks: David Fincher’s excellent career

(20th Century Fox Corp.)

A retrospective on the king of gritty, dark films.

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‘Gone Girl’ finds satire in domestic dysfunction

( 20th Century Fox Corp.)

Fincher directs a terrifying mystery based on the bestselling novel.

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The beginning of the end for ‘Boardwalk Empire’


“Boardwalk Empire” enters its 11th hour in style.

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‘Kissability’ is a compilation of the experiences of those with disabilities in areas of love, sex and relationships

(Jason Eppink/Flickr)

Katherine Duke’s new book, “Kissability,” provides new perspective on the struggles of romance

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Recipe: Combining two classic’s into one masterpiece

(Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin/Flickr)

All the necessary items to make the perfect brownie chocolate chip cookies

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The Black Sheep Deli’s atmosphere appeals to both students and locals

(Collegian file photo)

The Amherst eatery offers a variety of food options and live events to a diverse community of customers.

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Alvvays to play the Iron Horse this Thursday

(Courtesy of Paul Hudson)

The Canadian indie-pop quintet will stop by Northampton this week.

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Aer returns to the Pioneer Valley after a successful summer

Courtesy Matt MiGGZ

The rap duo will bring its “House Party Tour” to Pearl Street on Thursday.

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Cherub lights up Pearl Street

The Nashville duo delivered an electrifying performance in Northampton last Wednesday.

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Craft Center gives students a chance to get creative

(Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian)

Located in the Student Union, the Craft Center provides students a chance to show their creative side.

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The best Lenovo laptops for college students

(LoKan Sardari/Daily Collegian)

Lenovo has made laptops for every kind of user, ranging from its ThinkPad to IdeaPad lines.

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Improving mental health through the creation of art

(Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

The little known practice of art psychotherapy may prove helpful for those struggling with mental health issues.

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The golden age of Kevin Smith


Following the films and legacy of Kevin Smith and why it matters.

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Ways to de-stress in college

(Monica Kaneko)

Avoid the anxiety of a heavy workload with these tips.

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Fox’s new ‘Red Band Society’ could be important if it wasn’t misguided

(Annette Brown/ Fox)

“Red Band Society” offers an intriguing bunch of characters, but the writers miss the greater point.

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A fruity, creamy berry Irish Fool recipe

(Tracy Benjamin/ Flickr)

Learn how to make a simple scrumptious treat that works for any time of the year.

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Hader and Wiig give a beating heart to ‘Skeleton Twins’

(Courtesy of the Sundance Institute)

The duo of Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig team up to showcase an array of skills in the new comedy-drama.

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Electro-pop duo Cherub takes its sweet sound to Pearl Street

(Courtesy of Oz Villanueva /Flickr)

Electro-pop duo Cherub continues its “Champagne Showers Tour” with a stop in Northampton Wednesday night.

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Tim McGraw comes back strong in ‘Sundown Heaven Town’

(Courtesy of WEZL Charleston's Best Country/Flickr)

The country music singer’s 13th studio album explores the lows of heartbreak and the highs of love.

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Alt-J diversifies and grows in ‘This Is All Yours.’

English indie band Alt-J changes things up in its sophomore LP.

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The best ways to decorate your dorm room

(Jessica Picard/Daily Collegian)

No matter your style, these fun ideas for decorating your dorm room will be sure to make your room Bed Bath & Beyond-catalog ready without breaking the bank.

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Drone technology making its mark in entertainment

(Kenneth K. Lam/Baltimore Sun/MCT)

Major entertainment companies such as Disney and Cirque de Soleil have expressed interest in using drone technology for its shows and events.

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How the 3DS became the best new console on the market

An iPhone is displayed at left beside a Nintendo 3DS, July 10, 2012. Nintendo's 3DS handheld game console is enjoying a sales revival after a disappointing launch in 2011. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Nintendo’s 3DS is better and cheaper than any other next generation console.

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Father-son duo Tweedy to headline Calvin Theater

(John Green/San Mateo County Times/MCT)

Wilco frontman and son to rock Northampton Saturday.

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Showtime and HBO rivalry elevates the quality of television


Both go head to head in terms of ratings, quality and awards won, challenging each other to up the value of programming.

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‘The Drop’ is a case study in empathy

(Photo Fox Searchlight)

Tom Hardy shines in Dennis Lehane short story turned film.

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A journey into the magical cuisine of Morocco

(Theen Moy/Flickr)

With Spanish, Arabic, French and North African influences this could be considered the most infamous cuisines in the world

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Say hello to some fall beer selections

(Collegian file photo)

Seasonal beers to satisfy even the most picky beer lover as fall brews stock the shelves.

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Recipe: Bacon-wrapped chicken breast with sage butter


Simple ingredients come together to make this surprisingly complex, delicious dish.

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Fox’s ‘Gotham’ puts superhero spin on the cop procedural

(Jessica Miglio/Fox Corporation)

Donal Logue proves to be the biggest scene stealer in Fox’s newest installation.

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British DJ Bonobo to headline Pearl Street Wednesday

Bonobo (Courtesy of David Burke/Flickr)

The critically acclaimed electronic artist will perform in Northampton.

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Indie band Tennis to rock Pearl Street Saturday night

Tennis (Courtesy of Sid Sowder//Flickr)

The husband and wife-led duo take their summery songs to Northampton.

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‘Destiny’ videogame does not reach potential

(Photo courtesy of New Game Network/Flickr)

Is Bungie’s latest video game a genre-defining hit, or just another over-hyped AAA flop? The answer is somewhere in between.

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Wearable tech the latest fashion trend

JR Curley uses his Google Glass at the Manhattan Beach Pier, Calif., April 3, 2014. For all the controversy Glass has generated for its ability to take pictures or film video with simple gesture or voice command, Curley says the attention Glass gets on the streets of Los Angeles has been very positive. (Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Technology-inspired fashion becomes latest trend with consumers.

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Nostalgia and angst abound in ‘Palo Alto’

(Tribeca Films)

Emma Roberts leads a strong young cast in Gia Coppola’s first film.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ changes the meaning of summer blockbusters


James Gunn’s humorous space epic breaks the mold of what audiences traditionally find in a summer hit.

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Bizarre foods eaten worldwide

(Ryan Opaz/Flickr)

Explore dishes geared towards the adventurous traveler, from insects to fish.

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Irish coffee recipe

(Adam Gimpert/Flickr)

A soul-warming drink straight from the Emerald Isle that will provide a blend of warmth and tipsiness all at once.

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U2 falls flat on “Songs of Innocence”

(Courtesy of Phil Romans/Flickr)

Released for free to all 500 million iTunes users, the new album fails to live up to the band’s past work.

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Jhené Aiko stays strong on “Souled Out”

(Courtesy of Sean Rhineheart/Flickr)

The rhythm and blues singer diversifies her sound while staying true to her strengths on her latest album.

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“Happy Idiot” marks return of TV on the Radio

(Courtesy of Missy S./Flickr)

The Brooklyn-based rock band’s new single promises a strong return on its fifth album, “Seeds.”

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Apple unveils new smartwatch and larger iPhone 6

(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group/MCT)

Timothy D. Cook, head of Apple, reveals the highly anticipated iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

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University panel brings understanding to the term ‘hooking up’

The University of Massachusetts held an event dedicated to openly discussing and giving advice with regards to “hooking up.”

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Dr. Vijay Prashad speaks at UMass on capitalism and global inequality

(Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian)

Dr. Vijay Prashad calls for an egalitarian revolution when speaking at the University of Massachusetts.

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‘Calvary’ laces optimism with incredibly dark comedy

(Fox Search Light)

Gleeson a beacon of hope in the shadows

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Michael Fassbender shines in eccentric, disarming ‘Frank’

Michael Fassbender arrives at the 86th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles. Fassbender portrays the title character in Lenny Abraham's newest film, "Frank."(Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

A successfully whimsical and offbeat story.

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Controversial but informative Bill Maher returns to HBO

Bill Maher live at The Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee 1/26/13 (Photo courtesy of Matt McClenahan/Flickr)

‘Real Time’ offers laughs and debates

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Food of the World: Italy


Recipes to help you achieve the flavors of Italy

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White sangria recipe

(Courtesy of di.wineanddine/ Flickr)

This delicious Sangria will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

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The right herbs to fix your common cold

(Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/ Flickr)

Natural remedies may rival your regular over-the-counter drugs

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Pasta E Basta’s authentic Italian cuisine keeps students coming back for more

Collegian file photo

Pasta E Basta’s authentic Italian cuisine makes it a favorite eatery for local students.

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“These Days…” proves Ab-Soul’s staying power

(Courtesy of vincewilcox/Flickr)

Ab-Soul evolves and looks to a wider audience on his third album.

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The Antlers evolve beautifully with ‘Familiars’

(Courtesy of  Joselito Tagarao/Flickr)

The group’s fifth LP both shifts the band’s sound and plays to its strengths.

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The fall’s most intriguing new sounds

(Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT)

A look at which musicians will be making waves with their new records in the coming months.

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No better app for the weekend than ‘Sobrio’

(Candace C. Cusic/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

If you’ve been drinking and need to find a way home, “Sobrio” may be the app for you.

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‘Boyhood’ demands to be seen

(Courtesy of IFC Films)

Richard Linklater’s film “Boyhood” is so much more than a simple film about a boy.

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How I met the alternate ending (and loved it)

(Neil Jacobs/CBS)

A new ending to “How I Met You Mother” comes to a much sweeter conclusion.

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‘Under the Skin’ is an entrancing, enlightening film

(Photo courtesy of StudioCanal)

Scarlett Johansson takes your breath away with a mesmerizing, avant-garde performance

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A visionary film twelve years in the making

(Photo courtesy of Global Panorama/Flickr)

After 12 years of production, ‘Boyhood’ earns its place amongst cinema’s finest

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‘Snowpiercer’ is a compelling dystopian rush

(Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company)

Though uneven at parts, the film carries powerful message.

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‘The Giver’ is a torturous, misguided bore


An unwelcome addition to the ever-growing list of young adult dystopia films

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Too good for the charts

(Chuck Myers/MCT)

This year’s underrated albums and artists that are too good for the charts.

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Final Fantasy XIV turns one this month: a look back on a realm reborn

After a problematic launch, this MMO is destined for greatness

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Remembering Robin Williams

The late Robin Williams, who passed away this year (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT).

A personal account of the effects of the death of an icon, from Nathan Frontiero.

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Four albums that rocked the summer

Molly Rankin  (right) sings lead for Toronto-based quintet Alvvays, whose self-titled debut album "Adult Diversions" was released July 22 (Courtesy of Paul Hudson/Flickr).

Artists both young and old brought fresh and innovative sounds to their records this summer. Here are four of the best.

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The sad decline of the American music festival

This summer, I walked by Boston Calling by happenstance. I was in the city for no particular reason and didn’t know the festival was that day until I saw the advertisements glaring at me from across the subway tracks. Curious, my friends and I followed the sound of bass echoing off the skyscrapers until we reached Government Center. We rounded the corner and had basically made it backstage. Mere yards separated us from stairs leading to the main stage, where four lumberjack-looking musicians waited to go on next. Through the fence we could see them talking, tuning their instruments and…

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Apple prepares to unveil iPhone 6

The iPhone (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group/MCT).

A slew of new products are on the way, including the highly anticipated iPhone 6, iOS 8 and the iPhone Air.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is the perfect blend of comedy, superheroes and sci-fi

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy are, from left, Chris Pratt as Star-Lord/Peter Quill, Vin Diesal as Groot, Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, and Zoe Saldana as Gamora. (Marvel/MCT)

The silly space opera makes superhero movies fun again.

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MTV’s seemingly controversial new show proves to be ‘Faking It’

Alberto Garcia/Flickr

“Faking It” proves to be a boring and empty show based on an unusual premise.

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NBC’s Thursday night comedy woes

Sean Curran/Wikimedia Commons

Competition and poor programming may have brought about the end of an era for NBC.

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Hop on the ‘pursuit’ of Kid Cudi’s style

Photo courtesy of Sellahremy/Wikimedia Commons)

Rapper Kid Cudi made headlines for his latest look with his rapper-turned-rocker style.

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How to look fabulous this summer festival season

Caroline Dennett, Susannah Wright, Becca Fox, Ben Hyland, and Matt Zavalick chill out in style on Orchard hill. (Photo by Adria Kelly-Sullenger)

Advice on how to steal the spotlight at any music festival or summer event you attend.

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Apps everyone should have on their phone

Eddie Hull uses his phone while students vote on whether to stay or go during a student protest on Feb. 24, 2012. (Collegian File Photo)

Stay entertained and productive on your phone with these tools.

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SALT, making local music a little more local

Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian

Get into the good old fashion DIY spirit with Students for Alternative Music

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Brooklyn indie-rock band The Antlers prepare new album

Courtesy of xnixckypoox/Flickr

Critically acclaimed band’s fourth album promises brave new sounds

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Up and coming R&B singer SZA releases strong new EP

Courtesy of Tiffany Komon/The Come Up Show/Flickr

TDE artist looks to carve her own niche in hip-hop/R&B world

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Brewed of the Gods – Dogfish Head Theobroma

Justin Surgent/Daily Collegian

Dogfish Head’s Theobroma Ale is a celebration of both the flavor of chocolate and its proverbially mystical qualities from the folklore of bygone eras.

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Food of the World: Vietnam

Flickr/Nguyen-Anh Le

Vietnamese cuisine requires an intricate cooking style that is often more complex than the average meal.

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Indie duo The Both to perform at Pearl Street

Flickr/Alyson Hurt

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo team up to perform in NoHo as indie duo The Both.

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‘Transcendence’ a fumbling cautionary tale


Wally Pfister’s directorial debut is contrived and graceless

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‘Veep’ continues to be one of the smartest comedies around


Julia Louis-Dreyfus continues to deliver as Selina Meyer in “Veep.”

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‘Noah’ a sinking ship


Darren Aronofsky, a director best known for the 2010 film “Black Swan,” has fallen victim to that most dreaded art-versus-production trope of Hollywood; a big budget. “Noah,” his latest effort, had financial backing north of $100 million, and you can see every cent of it. Everything about this film is supersized – giant tracking shots, a showy score and CGI as far as the anamorphic eye can see. Yes, this is an epic film adapted from a biblical story (and an admittedly very short biblical story at that), but Aronofsky, who also co-wrote the script with Ari Handel, gets far…

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Fashion faux-pas to fend off at music festivals

A group of friends jump rope on the first day of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., on Friday, April 11, 2014. (Bethany Mollenkof/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Your guide to looking great without offending during this year’s music festival season.

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Is Beyoncé a ‘fashion queen’ or just The Queen?

Beyonce poses backstage during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. (Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

A look at the outfits from Beyoncé’s latest tour.

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Jak and Daxter remains a gamer favorite

Fans await a proper fourth title in the Jak and Daxter video game franchise that may never come.

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Thousands gather in Amherst Commons for 23rd Annual Extravaganja

Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian

Sarah Robertson recounts the events of last weekend’s Extravaganja Festival.

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Got a little Irish in you?

Flickr/Dendroica cerulea

Adria Kelly-Sullenger walks you through the basics of Irish cuisine.

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‘The Walking Dead’ finale resurrects a dull season

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Thibault

Finally, the sheriff we deserve makes an entrance in “The Walking Dead” after an uneven fourth season.

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Kurt Cobain, remembered 20 years later

Messages left on a bench in Viretta Park along Lake Washington next to the home where Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love lived and Cobain took his own life. (Alan Berner/Seattle Times/MCT)

The influence of the rock icon can still be felt across music two decades after his death.

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