Transfer agreement between Los Rios colleges and Sac State modified to increase access

By Matt Wagar (State Hornet)

Sacramento State and the Los Rios Community College District signed a modified transfer agreement Monday, Sept. 18, in hopes of increasing the transfer and graduation rates of students from Los Rios Colleges to Sac State.

Brice Harris, chancellor of Los Rios Community College District, said that transfer of Los Rios students to Sac State is a major goal of his district.

“The transfer of students to four-year colleges and universities is a major mission of the community colleges, and our district has been a leader in this area for a long time,” Harris said.

Harris added that the new agreement will only serve to benefit potential transfer students further.

“We have offered students guaranteed transfer to Sac State for many years, and this enhanced agreement puts in place an even greater support system to help students transfer successfully,” Harris said.

President Donald Gerth said that the new agreement will significantly impact the number of transfer students from the Los Rios District to Sac State.

“The agreement builds upon the excellent relationship we have with the Los Rios Community Colleges by enhancing the current level of services for students and ensuring that students have the vital support they need to transfer to Sac State successfully,” Gerth said.