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Chicago 10

By kevinkoczwara

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I went to Amherst Cinema today at 2:30 in hopes of seeing a peaceful, empty theater and see “Chicago 10” well I was greeted with a not so peaceful environment. It was the baby-friendly showing and I was scared to enter for fear of whining and crying children. Well there was only one child and she only cried a few times. The movie was an experience though.

If the protesters of UMass think they are rebels or creating a raucous, they aren’t. The people who ended up rioting after a peaceful protest in Chicago in 1968 at the Democratic National Convention really left their mark. They were provoked by police and attacked, all 15,000 or so. The movie was about the 8 figure heads who were arraigned on charges of Conspiracy and their two lawyers. The unfair try is all re-created by CGI technology and is very lame, bu the rest of the movie is really good. Documentaries have come a long way…

The full review written on deadline tonight in 15 minutes will be in tomorrow’s paper because The Arts Department Writers were slacking on their stories.

Other news: Shayna and I plan on staring up a podcast. If people have any movies they want us to discuss and get pretty emotional about post them on here…If you have some topics that would be fun too! Hate our reviews, well then we can discuss them with more passion on the podcast and you can hear us get emotional.

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