A Little Taste of Canadian Culture

By Kate MacDonald

Canada now has a chance to show the world its funner, more fun-loving side! As a half-Canadian myself, I appreciate the great effort they’ve been making… for the most part.

The only definable problem with the Canadian show? It’s way too much like a Canadianized Macy’s Day Parade. What’s up with all of the giant inflatable animals? They’ve been getting huge reactions out of the crowd, but after the mounties, hockey players, beavers, and the one moose, perhaps it’s time to change things up. As Michael Buble croons a pro-Canada tune, women dressed up as leaves parade around B.C. Place and hockey players glide around the stadium in rollerblades, guiding giant cutouts decked out in gold medals.

But wait. In the middle of the ceremony, right when we had come back from commercial break, NBC decides to cut to Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, “The Marriage Ref.” Um, excuse me. WHAT GIVES?!

Well, I guess that’s it. After some great Olympic Winter Games, NBC has cut the outgoing ceremony short. C’mon NBC, we really don’t need to see any of the Baldwin brothers, particularly Alec, giving ANY sort of marriage advice. It’s that or seeing other cultures teach about traditions in their society and history as the world’s best athletes sit side by side, breaking the political, cultural and language barriers that exist today. Seems like a pretty simple choice to me, but I guess money speaks in today’s society.