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Posner performance starts solid, comes to awkward end

Jeff Bernstein/Collegian
The Back to Stool concert at the Mullins Center certainly brought a large crowd on Saturday. The show had the Amherst Police Department threatening to arrest Barstool Sports head honcho Dave Portnoy on charges of inciting a riot. Back to Stool promoted itself as an excuse to party, which is exactly what happened on Friday night and Saturday prior to the show. teamed up with performers Mike Posner, Wale and openers The White Panda, Mac Miller and Paul Markham at the University of Massachusetts this weekend for the first concert on the website’s fall tour. With over 4,000 ticket sales, the floor and general admission seats in the Mullins Center were packed with sweat-soaked college students.

UMass’ very own Paul Markham was the first among the openers to perform promptly at 7:30 p.m. Markham started off the show rapping “Fly like a G6 Remix,” which has over an astounding 40,000 hits on YouTube. Markham looked quite comfortable among his peers as he also performed “Crazy Girl,” and then finished with his new song “Breaking It Up.”

Mac Miller performed with a strong voice alongside a partner. Miller’s biggest disappointment was that he was only given 15 minutes of stage time. The last among the openers was The White Panda, DJing remixes with hit songs “Rude Boy,” “Party in the U.S.A.” and “Praise You.” Also dabbling in Lil Wayne’s lyrical sensations, The White Panda created a grind fest on the floor much like El Pres had predicted.

Wale hit the stage shortly thereafter, kicking off his act with “The MC,” a song from his most recent mixtape “More About Nothing.” Rocking dreads and a self-advertising hat, Wale took a break between songs to share that he’s “got love for UMass.” He also pulled a “Jersey Shore” and demanded a fist-pump session, to which the audience gladly obliged. Wale’s first few songs were somewhat drowned out by the loud music, many of which were from mixtapes the majority of the crowd was unfamiliar with. About halfway through his set he successfully remixed his beats with Nirvana in a surprising and pleasant twist. Wale wound down his performance with popular songs “Chillin’,” “Nike Boots” and “Pretty Girls.” The audience, reeking of cigarette smoke and weed, happily sang along to Wale’s well-known singles.

The Pres himself, clearly drunk, joked with the audience in between acts. He first claimed, after having caused so much trouble on Friday, the police had forbidden him from going out after the concert. Although the latter may have been true, that didn’t stop Portnoy from exclaiming, “We will be out tonight!”

By the time headliner Mike Posner appeared, the floor was nearly half full with fans falling into one another in desperate attempts to get closer to the icon. Posner may have had the best stage presence of all in the lineup, engaging listeners with his enthusiastic body language. Performing alongside a live band, Posner covered most of his well-known songs, including “Drug Dealer Girl,” “Bow Chicka Wow Wow,” “Smoke and Drive” and “Cooler Than Me.” Fans were excitedly singing along to these songs, getting exceptionally rowdy during “Drug Dealer Girl.” Looking cool and sporting all black, Posner was down-to-earth when he addressed fans about recently graduating from college. He gratefully stated that his fans are the sole reason for letting him live out his dreams. Posner also admitted that if UMass were to force him to choose, his favorite song is “Save Your Goodbye.”

Several attendees commented that Posner’s performance ended in a somewhat awkward manner as he jumped into the crowd to surf, but was let down fairly quickly. They felt the music wasn’t upbeat enough for the act, causing an abrupt end to the concert. Not many artists would jump into a crowd filled with ravenously drunk college students, which speaks for Posner’s attitude.

It was nearly impossible to navigate through the floor without getting groped, shoved, elbowed or submerged in a cloud of marijuana smoke. Concert-goers were being escorted off the premises left and right for sneaking onto the floor. The most commonly uttered question of the night may very well have been, “Can I get a hit of that?”

An equally outrageous end to the weekend matched the events leading up to the show, as a male was beaten up and laying on the pavement outside the Mullins Center after the show. The two attendees who punched him ran off, leaving EMTs and passersby to attend to the wounded boy. Hopefully Barstool Sports will return in the spring for more madness after all the trouble that has ensued this past weekend.

Kate Evans can be reached at [email protected].

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  • B

    bethSep 30, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Actually the concert was AWESOME! not awkward even the slightest bit.

  • J

    JimSep 28, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Yeah, sounds like a blast. idiots.