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Ten songs to set the mood

♥ The Daily Collegian’s Guide to Valentine’s Day 2011 ♥

Whether you are planning on cuddling up on a couch or getting a little frisky this Valentine’s Day, the music sets the mood. Here are ten songs to set the right mood for you:

10. “I’ll Make Love To You” – Boyz II Men
This romantic treasure was the panty-dropping song of the nineties. Though it is probable your lover was still wearing diapers at the time of this song’s chart-topping success, Boyz II Men’s soulful R&B sound will go straight to her heart … and maybe other things.

9. “Hands Down” – Dashboard Confessional
Bring him back to his hair-flipping, skinny jeans-wearing, high school angst-filled days when all he really wanted was for a girl to understand him. You and your lover can reflect over how alone you felt at the time and hopefully how whole you make each other feel now. Hear Chris Carrabba whine about the stupidity of his friends asking if he got some, and then suggest, “Stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can’t hear … so we can get some.”

8. “Crazy Bitch” – Buckcherry
The ferocious rhythm of this track will surely set the mood for some wild and passionate love. Just make sure she is aware the lyrics are not directed towards her.

7. “Justify My Love” – Madonna
One of the most eminent of love songs, this music video was banned from MTV because it was just too sexy for the American public. Go ahead and feel free to moan along with Madonna on this track.

6. “Closer” – Nine Inch Nails
There is little that can top the capturing of animalistic and sadistic desires than this song. Though the utterly explicit lyrics are what gives this track its distinction, the long instrumental at the end really makes the song. Just make sure not to get the lame edited radio version.

5. “Have I Told You Lately” – Van Morrison
A timeless, beautiful love song about saying those three words. It will have her melting; if she can get past the idea that her parents probably also did the deed during this song.

4. “I Get Off” – Halestorm
An anthem for voyeurism; this song’s steamy sound comes from grinding guitars and the lead singer’s powerful voice. Maybe if you have spent enough money on her earlier in the day, this song will encourage her to end the night with a show.

3. “Your Body is a Wonderland” – John Mayer
If you can get past your pride and pretend to omgigosh love John Mayer, practically any female will melt into your arms at this song. Something about his “I’m a jerk” persona and not-so-good looks mixed with his dreadfully romantic lyrics somehow make John Mayer the culmination of every girl’s fantasy. You will not want to miss out on emulating that.

2. “Young Lust” – Pink Floyd
One might not jump to psychedelic music like Floyd when attempting to find a soundtrack to seduction, but this song’s raunchy guitar riffs will have him moving his hips right along with you. Or, just forget this list and go with all of “The Wall.”

1. “Let’s Get it On” – Marvin Gaye
Well, this one is kind of obvious. This song has become a national anthem for “doing it” ever since its release in the ’70s. Who knows, this song may have even spurred your conception.

Acacia DiCiaccio can be reached at [email protected].

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