Blog: What the FAC?

By Irene Kim

(Bryn Rothschild-Shea/Daily Collegian)
(Bryn Rothschild-Shea/Daily Collegian)

As a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Theater, I would like to address my concerns about lack of funding for the Arts programs.

I am speaking as a student that spends most of my time in the Fine Arts Center. Every time I walk by the Morrill Science Center, Integrative Science Building and Life Sciences Laboratory observing Fine Arts Center (FAC) from the distance, I am despaired by their stark differences. While a good amount of funding goes to the science buildings to have a nice, plausible outlook, the Fine Arts Center is left out with a gloomy grey building worn out by its age. Not only the science buildings but also the Fine Arts Center represents UMass; therefore, the FAC needs equal attention on its appearance. Improving the appearance of the Fine Arts Center will not only add the pride of the students of UMass Amherst using the FAC, but also the university’s reputation.

Students taking classes in the FAC face several inconveniences. The inconveniences limit students to fully engage in their studies. Water was leaking from the ceiling into the Rand Theater and the leak was not fixed for weeks. So the students in the technical project had to be concerned about not letting water ruin the stage while they were building the sets for the Merchant of Venice. Space in my acting class, in room 206 is too confined for my 15 classmates to move around freely, so I have to pay more attention to not get bumped into my other classmates instead of on learning. This is not fair for the students using the room.

Students using the FAC, as well as students using other facilities in the university, have rights to learn in decent facilities; therefore, more funding should be allocated to the improvement and maintenance of the facilities of the Fine Arts Center. I hope my letter is helpful for you to consider reallocation of the university’s funding.

Irene Kim