Letter: SGA to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Auxiliary Services

By Sionan Barrett

Greenough Sub Shop is one of the Student Businesses on campus that doesn't take Dining Dollars. (Collegian File Photo)
Greenough Sub Shop is one of the Student Businesses on campus that doesn’t take Dining Dollars.
(Collegian File Photo)

An open letter from the University of Massachusetts Student Government Association to Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy, Vice Chancellor James Sheehan and Auxiliary Services:

Since their implementation, students and student businesses have been pushing for Dining Dollars to be extended for use at student businesses, just as the YCMP swipe program has been traditionally allowed. In this endeavor, the UMass Student Government Association wholeheartedly endorses and supports the Center for Student Business’ efforts in its negotiations with Auxiliary Services to create an updated Memorandum of Understanding, one which includes making Dining Dollars available for use at student businesses.

The SGA acknowledges that the effects of Dining Dollars at student businesses are, at this moment in time, partially unclear, and thus supports a temporary MOU, with a duration of one year. During this time, the Dining Dollars program should be usable at student businesses, at the same withholding rate (eight percent) as intended with the YCMP program. Under this MOU, the Center for Student Business and Auxiliary Services may evaluate the Dining Dollars program and work toward a longerterm and more sustainable MOU, which would best serve the interests of the students of the University.

Student businesses are an integral part of the student experience at UMass. The inclusion of the Dining Dollars program at student businesses would best allow them to enhance entrepreneurial experiences for undergraduate students while providing high-quality, sustainable foods across campus.


Sïonan Barrett, Speaker of the Undergraduate Student Senate

Stefan Herlitz, Secretary of University Policy and External Affairs