Senior Columns 2016-2017

By Maral Margossian

Dear readers,

During this final week of production, the Op/Ed pages of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian will be publishing the final columns of the graduating senior staff.

As another year nears its end, nostalgia creeps its way into our minds and begins to play a slideshow of memories. Suddenly, everyday objects previously overlooked, elicit sentimental feelings. One hundred and twenty-seven years of memories saturate the walls of the Daily Collegian, leaving us to wonder what sorts of untold stories would the walls tell us, if they could talk. Sadly, the walls can’t talk.

But we can. So instead, our seniors share snippets of their experience at the Collegian and throughout their years of college. These individuals dedicated their time here telling the stories of the myriad of people that make up this community. This week, they get to tell their own.

Maral Margossian is the Opinion and Editorial Editor.

(Michael Agnello)

Michael Agnello takes a look back at his college career and how the Collegian helped him overcome personal loss.

(Jamie Cushman)

Jamie Cushman reflects on his time writing about sports for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

(Danny Cordova)

Danny Cordova talks about his ups and down during his time at UMass.


Senior Evan Gaudette offers advice to underclassmen his soon to be alma mater.

(Adam Aucoin)

Adam Aucoin reflects on his time writing for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

(Aakanksha Gupta)

Coming to America from India, Gupta reflects on her college experience at UMass.

(Nick Souza)

Assistant Sports Editor and OpEd Senior Producer Nicholas Souza reflects on his time at the Daily Collegian.