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Letter: Take political action now!

Students at UMass have more power than they recognize
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Dear Amherst area students,

As a member of the University of Massachusetts Class of 1968, I can say the need for change today is greater than in my day because some issues are still unresolved, such as civil rights, economic inequities and gender equality, or that they are bigger and more threatening such as climate change. I believe that you, young people, have the power right now to ensure those changes.

While I feel our current path bends toward disempowerment and dystopia, we can move on a new path that leads to the world we really want for ourselves. Fortunately, the choice is your generation’s to make!

As someone skeptical of politics, I feel extraordinary things are possible if we find the right elected officials. Although he is not in my district, I know State Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose has the vision, character and determination to achieve his goals of overcoming climate change and creating a society that respects and provides for all people.

The two-party system is so dysfunctional that Goldstein-Rose recently un-enrolled from the Democratic Party in order to have the freedom to do the work and embark on the bold initiatives necessary to ensure a future healthy society on a healthy planet. As a result, he now faces anger by some of his former party members, who are now making nominations for an opponent to displace this courageous and bold young man.

You, the students of UMass, have long been seen as the sleeping giant that could marshal great economic and political power – if only you had the resolve and an elected official like Solomon to lead you. He has put his political career on the line for his belief that a new world is possible. Now it is up to you to add your immense and unassailable power.

I implore you to please seize this moment in time to stand up for what you deserve! It is time for the sleeping giant to awaken, to create a new political/economic movement that could shine as a beacon of action for other young people around the country.

Your time has come; don’t waste this moment! Let the politicians in Boston know that when Goldstein-Rose walks in the room, he has the power of the youth beside him! You will eventually need to register to vote on campus, but, for the moment, email [email protected]  to receive his newsletter. Visit his website,, to learn more about why this is so important. Joining with Goldstein-Rose will show that you will no longer allow a dysfunctional political system to ever again threaten your chance for achieving the society and planet that is necessary for humanity to not only survive, but to thrive in as well!

The future you are hoping for is yours for the taking, but only if you cast off any feelings of powerlessness and embrace a new vision. Take action! Spend 10 seconds now to impact years of your future.

The giant must awaken and walk a new path! The quality of your future depends on it. Your brothers’ and sisters’ futures depend on it. Quite frankly, my generation depends on it, too. I believe your generation is the one that is here to begin the journey. Begin now!

Michael Garjian

UMass Class of 1968

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    NITZAKHONMar 7, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Before you work on the Great Socialist Utopia here, try visiting Venezuela where you can sample exotic cuisine like tiger, lion, and elephant. Oh, wait, they’ve already been eaten… along with house pets… and now people are trapping rats.