Eight study locations on campus for whatever you’re looking for

Students recommend their favorite spots


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By Cassie McGrath, Assistant News Editor

  1. Looking to avoid a crowd or need silence to study? 

The second floor of the library is a great place to go when you are in need of doing some serious studying. It is a silent floor, laid out with wide desks so you have plenty of room to set up your laptop, notebook, water bottle, coffee and snacks, comfortably. There is a bathroom, and you are only one floor up if you want to run down and grab something to eat at the Procrastination Station. Many students also love how tall the library is.

“I like that it’s quiet but I especially like the view,” said junior finance major Brian Moore.

  1. Want some natural lighting? 

South College is a newly renovated building near the library and Thompson Hall. The ground floor of South College is covered with study desks and tends to stay quiet. The ceiling is covered with windows, so if you’re sick of studying in fluorescent lighting, this is the place for you.

Junior biology major Julianne Esposito said, “I like the environment of it. Like the library, I feel like the walls are plain. It kind of feels like you’re outside but you’re inside and that’s just a good environment.”

  1. Are you an honors student? 

Classrooms in Elm are open to honors students all night. Just swipe your UCard at the door and go on in. If you are working on a group project, these classrooms are great as they provide white boards and plenty of seating.

  1. Working on a group project? 

Any open classroom can turn into a group project spot. Otherwise, Isenberg offers rooms which fit many students. Head into one of the new break-out study rooms or just set up at a table on the ground floor.

Junior operations and information management major Sedona Claypoole said, “New Isenberg break out rooms are really nice. There is natural lighting, whiteboards and they’re open late. We literally can stay until 6 a.m. and not get kicked out.” Claypoole continued, “Also it is a convenient location because we are already there for classes.”

  1. Looking to get some fresh air? 

There are some great outdoor spots on campus. Sit on the grass by Goodell Lawn, outside the libraryor at the tables outside of Roots Cafe.  Don’t forget about the UMass wind though – if you bring papers, make sure you have a way to hold them down.

  1. Need to do some quick studying in between classes? 

The Integrative Learning Center is perfectly located for a quick study session. Run down to Peet’s and grab a coffee and a table to do some work.

“I like to sit on the benches and do homework while waiting to go into classes,” Esposito said.

Upstairs on the third floor, you will find the communications department, which has numerous tables for studying. Windows line the walls, so it is a bright room and good for a study pit stop.

  1. Hungry? 

Really any dining hall can be used to transform into a study session if needed. If you’re out of swipes or would rather use YCMPs, go to Roots, the cafe in the Honors College. They are famous for their quesadillas. Another great option is Blue Wall. It is centrally located and there are numerous tables with a place to charge your phone or laptop.

  1. Off-campus options? 

Downtown Amherst has some great studying places. You can go into LimeRed, Amherst Coffee or the Works, which all offer food and coffee, charging stations and good Wi-Fi connections. If you’re looking to clear your mind, take the one mile walk downtown and enjoy the scenery. If you have a car and want to get farther off campus, Northampton is flooded with cafes.

Moore enjoys doing homework at Bruegger’s Bagels downtown. “Their bagels are amazing,” Moore said. “I didn’t know anyone so there were no distractions and doing work in a coffee shop is relaxing to me.”

Cassie McGrath can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @c_mmcgrath.