Senior Columns 2020-2021


Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Editor in Chief, Morgan Reppert says her final farewell.

Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Sports editor Noah Bortle says his hardest goodbye.

Courtesy of Cassie McGrath

It’s that it’s hard to reflect when I am still living through this moment,” writes news editor Cassie McGrath.

Courtesy of Bhavya Pant

Writing for the Collegian was Bhavya Pant’s “plan B,” but the Op/Ed editor says the paper made her a better person.

Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

Arts editor Quinn He reflects on the coincidence that brought him back to the Collegian.

Courtesy of Hannah Ellison

Hannah Ellison, social media editor, reflects on her “short, but meaningful” time at the Collegian.

Courtesy of Mehroz Kapadia

The first — and last — column from photo and graphics editor Nina Walat.

Collegian File Photo

Assistant sports editor Evan Marinofsky will always be proud of his time at the Collegian.

Parker Peters / Daily Collegian

“The collectivist mentality is what makes this place so special,” writes assistant sports editor Dan McGee.

Courtesy of Claire Healy

Assistant news editor Claire Healy shares her advice: “Write, write write.

Courtesy of Chris McLaughlin

The Collegian helped assistant news editor Chris McLaughlin find his place and people in the vastness of UMass.

Courtesy of Will Katcher

Raise a toast to state-school students with assistant news editor Will Katcher.

Courtesy of Greg Fournier

Assistant Op/Ed editor Greg Fourner reflects on how his writing changed at the Collegian.

Judith Gibson-Okunieff / Daily Collegian

Staff writer Tim Scalona shares his story of activism and finding his voice.

Courtesy of Alex Molloy

Collegian staff writer Alexandra Molloy reminisces on their time at the Collegian.

Courtesy of Emma Ryan

On joining the Collegian: “Better late than never,” says staff writer Emma Ryan.