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Track Meat | By Astghik Dion

Artist Profile: Track Meat

By Lauren Power, Collegian Correspondent April 27, 2022
Track Meat is not slowing down any time soon. With a second EP on the way, the group considers staying in Amherst long after graduation.
LAUNDRY DAY | By Astghik Dion

An interview with LAUNDRY DAY

By Astghik Dion, Head Arts Editor April 27, 2022
“The more shows we play, the more music that we make, the more weird experiences we're having along the way — the less I feel like I can relate to anyone else. And I think we're all kind of accepting that more and holding hands through it all.”
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‘The Northman’ is a retelling of a classic hero’s journey, Viking-style

By Will Duffy, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

Robert Eggers is one of the most celebrated up-and-coming directors of the last decade, and for good reason. His most famous works, “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” are both horror classics that...

The Story So Far | By Astghik Dion

Concert Gallery: The Story So Far, Mom Jeans, Microwave and Joyce Manor

By Astghik Dion, Head Arts Editor April 25, 2022

The pop-punk bill of a lifetime. The Story So Far, Mom Jeans, Microwave and Joyce Manor shook the stage of the largest, indoor general admission venue in New England at the Roadrunner on Saturday night.

Courtesy of the UMass Comedy League.

The UMass Comedy League brings the laughs to Herter Hall

By Jarius Kidd, Assistant Social Media Editor April 21, 2022

It’s hard to imagine anything interesting going on in Herter Hall on a weekend night, much less anything remotely entertaining, amusing or funny. Luckily, humor crops up in the most unexpected of places....

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‘Olvidados: A Mexican American Corrido’ transmite la dualidad identitaria de un inmigrante

"Olvidados: A Mexican American Corrido" es una obra escrita y actuada por Elisa Gonzales, una profesora de la Universidad de Massachusetts Amherst en colaboración con Latina Breath of Fire Theater Ensemble,...

Photo courtesy of the UMass Asian-American Student Association

UMass AASA annual Asian Night inspires unity and reflects the diversity of the Asian experience

By James Rosales, Assistant Arts Editor April 19, 2022
UMass AASA found beauty in cultural diversity with 38th annual Asian Night, featuring student performers and guest artists, Eugene Lee Yang & Hojean.
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Artist Spotlight: The Lights

By Corinne Arel, Staff Writer April 19, 2022
How The Lights came to be and where they are headed next.
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‘Olvidados: A Mexican American Corrido’ conveys the duality of an immigrant’s identity

By Laleh Panahi, Collegian Staff April 19, 2022
“Olvidados: A Mexican American Corrido” is an emotional spectacle of acting, singing and dancing.
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“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is nothing short of a masterpiece

By Will Duffy, Collegian Staff April 14, 2022

It’s not every day that a movie leaves me completely and utterly speechless. It’s not every day that I hear nothing but glowing reviews on Twitter about a movie, saying it’s the best movie of the...

Perfume Genius | Astghik Dion

Concert Review: Perfume Genius and portraying openness

By Ashviny Kaur, Staff Writer April 13, 2022
Concert Review: Perfume Genius | Everyone understood Hadreas for who he was, with some like myself even resonating with his lyrics. 
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‘High School Musical’ est le plus grand film de sports de tous les temps

By Colin McCarthy, Emily Blagg, and Iris Thesmar April 12, 2022
Tous les autres films de sport pâlissent comparé à ce classique de Disney Channel, écrit Colin McCarthy.
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