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Dating apps during the pandemic: Have they suffered or skyrocketed?

By Emma Ryan, Collegian Contributor April 15, 2021
The pandemic has made all of us feel isolated and lonely at times, a problem that dating apps may be able to remedy.
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Google AI “writes” new Nirvana, Doors, Hendrix and Winehouse songs

By Madeline Fabian, Collegian Correspondent April 7, 2021

It’s 2050. You scored pit tickets for a Nirvana concert a few months ago. Kurt Cobain — yes, the iconic musician who died of suicide fifty-six years ago — is ten feet away, playing his brand-new...

Lil Nas X’s latest release solidifies him as the king of music marketing

Lil Nas X’s latest release solidifies him as the king of music marketing

By Freeman Alfano, Collegian Staff April 6, 2021
The controversy surrounding Lil Nas X’s latest single is just one facet of a unique, incredibly effective marketing strategy.
Pictured: Nehemiah Brent photographed by Yatusuave.

Artist Spotlight: Nehemiah Brent

By Astghik Dion, Assistant Arts Editor March 25, 2021
“I needed something creative to keep my mind going.”
Advertising local businesses on ‘The Yerli’

Advertising local businesses on ‘The Yerli’

By Quinn He, Arts Editor March 25, 2021
“The Yerli” is helping local businesses get their voices heard
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Pressing play on virtual concerts

By Anushka Singh, Collegian Correspondent March 23, 2021
Artists and fans alike are finding ways to keep the music alive, even if only through livestreams.
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Highs and lows of the 63rd Annual Grammy awards

By Molly Hamilton, Assistant Arts Editor March 17, 2021

High: Harry Styles opens and snags first Grammy win Styles has been one of the most talked about celebrities in recent years, so it came as no surprise when he was chosen to open the 63rd Annual Grammy...

Courtesy of Zach Snyder's Justice League Facebook Page

What ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ is and why it is important

By Scott Lerer, Collegian Correspondent March 15, 2021
The new film promises to be something entirely different than the 2017 theatrical cut.
TikTok Feta Pasta: Delicious or Disgusting?

TikTok Feta Pasta: Delicious or Disgusting?

By Emma Ryan , Collegian Contributor March 9, 2021
Whether it’s cooking steaks, baking focaccia or anything in between, chances are there’s a TikTok that will teach you how to make it, but just how good are TikTok recipes?
Artist Spotlight: Josue

Artist Spotlight: Josue

By Astghik Dion, Assistant Arts Editor March 4, 2021
“As far as being a kid from Brockton, as far as being a kid with all these emotions, I wasn't afraid to be vulnerable, and I wanted people to be able to hear that and realize that that's what my music was going to be”
Commemorating Black History

Commemorating Black History

By The Daily Collegian February 28, 2021
The Collegian invites you to read a living compilation commemorating Black History at the University of Massachusetts, from John H. Bracey's path to UMass, Black Lives Matter, W.E.B. Du Bois, Black student activists, creators and more.
Wallows release ‘Remote’ (Deluxe) EP

Wallows release ‘Remote’ (Deluxe) EP

By Lulu Kesin, Collegian Staff February 19, 2021
The alt-rock band releases a deluxe version of their “Remote” EP, adorned in a new sound and gravitation towards storytelling.
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