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Cade Belisle/ Daily Collegian (2014)

Question 4: Road safety or immigrant rights?

By Sophie Hauck, Collegian Staff October 31, 2022
Is expanding access to driver’s licenses a matter of public safety or immigrant rights?
Ana Pietrewicz/ Daily Collegian (2022)

UMass SGA seeks to help students waive first-time parking tickets with a raffle

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff October 31, 2022
“UMass students, along with students across the country, face numerous external stressors impacting their ability to focus on their academics.”
McKenna Premus/ Daily Collegian (2022)

UMass professors and students discuss the current national teacher shortage

By Alexandra Hill, Collegian Correspondent October 31, 2022
"Without putting teachers at the center, I'm not sure what will happen”
Nina Walat / Daily Collegian.

SGA discusses mental health policy and fills vacant seats

By Eva Maniatty, Collegian Correspondent October 28, 2022
SGA discusses “outdated” mental health policy and debates how to fill vacant senate seats.
Graham Noble/Daily Collegian (2022)

Blue Wall is desperate for new hires

By Graham Noble, Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
Blue Wall facing staff shortages this semester: “We’re losing our best workers.”
Ana Pietrewicz/Daily Collegian (2021)

COVID-19 cases and protocols established on campus

By Sarah Yi, Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
COVID protocols are set to ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students.
Micah Vandergrift via Twitter

Micah Vandegrift discusses the future of climate justice and open access research

By Mia Vittimberga, Collegian Correspondent October 26, 2022
Vandegrift offered personal and academic insight into the future of climate knowledge, by Mia Vittimberga
Anish Roy / Daily Collegian.

On-campus bus routes cut due to lack of drivers

By Lilyana Ricardo, Collegian Correspondent October 24, 2022
PVTA routes cut for fall semester.
Dylan Nguyen / Daily Collegian.

SGA discusses voter registration, gets answers from administration about academic calendar

By Paulina Arce, Collegian Correspondent October 20, 2022
The SGA discussed voter registration, debated the academic calendar and resolved Kahoot issues at Wednesday’s meeting.
Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Daily Collegian (2016)

UMass houses undergraduate transfer students in a local hotel to combat over enrollment

By Corinne Arel, Olivia Capriotti, and Mia Vittimberga October 20, 2022
117 UMass transfer students were housed in the Econo Lodge hotel instead of on campus.
Caitlin Reardon/Daily Collegian (2022)

UMass Dissenters’ fight against UMass’ connection to the defense industry

By Izzi D’Amico and Ella Desmond October 20, 2022
UMass Dissenters organize to protest war.
Shilpa Sweth/Daily Collegian (2022)

“Spiderweb Capitalism” brings UChicago scholar to discuss financial elites in frontier markets

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff October 20, 2022
Dr. Kimberly Kay Hoang introduced the networks of financial elites in frontier markets through in-depth ethnographic research.
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