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Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement, visits UMass

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement, visits UMass

By Claire Healy, Assistant News Editor March 16, 2021
“I do believe is that it will change, it can change and it must change, for us, for the livelihood and for the survival of humanity. This fight, when we say Black Lives Matter, it’s not just a fight for Black people, it’s a planet fight, a fight for every human being that exists.”
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Massachusetts state legislature creates online COVID-19 vaccine preregistration system for residents

By Talia Heisey, Collegian Contributor March 15, 2021
Easily sign up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Massachusetts' new pre-registration system.
Nina Walat / Daily Collegian

UMass community reflects on a year of COVID-19

By Sofi Shelpakov , Collegian Staff March 13, 2021
Students and a lecturer reflect on the changes this past year has caused
Kira Johnson / Daily Collegian

One year of COVID at UMass: An interview with Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy

By Will Katcher, Assistant News Editor March 13, 2021
The Daily Collegian spoke with Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy on a range of topics, from the school’s decision to reopen campus to spring to what he expects the Fall 2021 semester to look like and more.
(Ana Pietrewicz/Daily Collegian)

Students air grievances over election problems at weekly SGA meeting

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff March 11, 2021
Students criticized the SGA for election problems following judiciary ruling at weekly meeting.
Nina Walat/Daily Collegian

Les ordres judiciaires des étudiants SGA sont de mettre le président et les candidats vice-président Hayden Latimer-Irlande, Audrey Gabriel, et l’étudiant candidat fiduciaire Barkha Bhandari dans les bulletins de vote

By Sophia Gardner, Meg Beauregard, and Iris Thesmar March 11, 2021
«Il est dans l'intérêt public pour nous d'avoir des élections libres et équitables avec tous les billets qui ont reçu des signatures afin de figurer sur le bulletin de vote.»
Nina Walat/Daily Collegian

Student judiciary orders SGA to put president and vice president candidates and student trustee candidate on election ballot

By Sophia Gardner, Assistant News Editor March 10, 2021
“It is in the public interest for us to have free and fair elections with all of the tickets who received signatures to be on the ballot.”
McKenna Premus/Daily Collegian

Two-week self-sequester period leaves students with in-person classes lacking hands on experiences 

By Leigh Appelstein, Collegian Staff March 10, 2021
Self-sequester period creates additional challenge for students with in-person classes during COVID-19.
(The UMass Dining App allows students to be alerted when certain dining halls and food places are crowded. Amanda Creegan/ Daily Collegian)

Some students express concerns over UMass reopening in-person dining

By Rachael Dionisio, Collegian Correspondent March 9, 2021
Dining halls take precautions to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 while allowing in-person dining.
Nina Walat/Daily Collegian

Breaking: UMass to pursue action against Blarney party of 200

By Ana Pietrewicz, Assistant Op/Ed Editor March 8, 2021
Breaking: UMass to pursue action against Blarney party of 200.
Nina Walat / Daily Collegian

Video: Take a look inside the new Student Union

By Matt Berg and Nina Walat March 8, 2021
The new Student Union will house over two dozen student groups and offers a new ballroom, a black box theater and communal areas for students. Take a look inside.
McKenna Premus / Daily Collegian

Professors react to UMass’ new student testing compliance

By Sofi Shlepakov, Collegian Staff March 8, 2021
Professors react to students not having access to their online classes if they are not compliant with UMass testing protocols — a move made by the school in order to incentive students to get tested twice a week.
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