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When UMiss UMass

When UMiss UMass

January 26, 2016

Berk goes berserk for butterscotch pudding

By Ben Richman

March 1, 2013

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Editor’s note: This is a satirical piece. Happy Friday! A surplus of butterscotch pudding has been the reason for the many happy eaters at the Berkshire Dining Commons. This semester, butterscotch p...

Hampshire Dining Commons closed for Columbus Day weekend

By Katherine Clark

October 5, 2012

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Hampshire Dining Commons will be closed for Columbus Day weekend. But unlike next semester, it won’t be for renovations. “Closing Hampshire will be a good way of being more efficient. It will cut back on labor costs,...

UMass through the eyes of a transfer

By Taylor Gilmore

September 23, 2012

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Have you ever had Déjà vu? That strange feeling where you think that something you’re experiencing has already happened? Well that’s how Ifeel everyday. I just transferred to UMass from a school about 1/8 the size, and despite the 30 credits I accumulated last year, I fe...

(UMass) Haikus from the heart

By Emily Felder

September 7, 2012

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The campus pond lures                                               Eight o'clock a.m. Smells of algae compel you                                        This may be your walk of shame Go,...