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Halloween Issue 2015

Halloween Issue 2015

October 29, 2015

What to do with your leftover Halloween candy

By Hae Young Yoo

November 7, 2013

The spooky fun of Halloween is over, and now we all have to adjust to reality again. The downside is that this can be hard to do with a mountain of leftover trick-or-treat candy staring you in the face. You know you shouldn...

Children Trick-Or-Treat at UMASS

By Mary Reines

November 1, 2012

Last night, 2-year-old Mackenzie Johnson came to the University of Massachusetts dressed as “the Pig” from the Angry Birds cell phone game. “She calls him ‘Pigolo,’” her mother, junior Abby Sossen said. Joh...

Governor proposes tax increase on cigarettes and candy for 2013

By Nancy Pierce

January 26, 2012

Cigarette smokers and candy lovers may face higher prices on their guilty pleasures if Governor Deval Patrick’s proposal to increase taxes on cigarettes and candy passes in the budget. Patrick has proposed a 50-cent tax increase o...

Did you bring the chips?

By Ian Winship

October 25, 2010

Halloween weekend is coming up. This is one of the weekends that arguably has the biggest, wildest parties of the year. Whether it is a small get together, or a huge kegger, there is one thing that is the most essential part to...