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Ten Easy Halloween treats to make in your dorm


Jason Meredith/Flickr
(Jason Meredith/Flickr)

What would Halloween be without the excuse to bring out your creative and dark side, all at the same time?

Halloween-themed treats are a must-have for any occasion on the holiday, whether at a party or just to impress friends. Still, as college students, it can be difficult to make those adorable sweets without an oven. There are definite ways around this. Here are 10 no-bake treats that can easily be made in a dorm room, and only require one quick stop to your nearest supermarket.

  1. Black Cat Cookies

These black cat cookies require a microwave and only three ingredients: black candy melts, Oreo Cookies and Nilla Wafers. First off, you will need to microwave the candy melts from 30 seconds to one and a half minutes, dip both the Oreo and Nilla Wafer cookies in the now melted chocolate and securely put the cookies together. Next, use any sort of frosting tube (you can make them with a plastic baggie and scissors) and add the ears and tail.

  1. Gummy Worm Ice

For any type of cold beverage, gummy worm ice is the perfect way to spice it up. The only ingredients required are water and gummy worms, which you can easily attain from your dorm’s vending machine. Ice trays and a freezer are also of course essential for this treat as well.

  1. Apple Teeth

With the vast amount of apples that can be found in dining halls, this treat may not even require you to leave campus for ingredients. With just one apple, you can make about eight of these apple teeth. After that you can easily snag mini marshmallows and peanut butter from generous neighbors.

  1. Witches’ Hats

The simplest idea can turn out to be a wicked treat. These witch hats are the perfect addition to your cauldron of goodies, and  all you need are Hershey Kisses, shortbread cookies and frosting (of the color of your choice). Just glue the “Kiss” on to the cookie with frosting and add the darling bow.

  1. Finger Sandwiches

Although these sandwiches may look  too intricate to create on your own, these bloody fingers require very little work. It seems almost essential to offer your friends a PB&J sandwich and watch their faces as you hand them these. With just white bread, peanut butter, your favorite flavor of jelly, margarine and almonds, these appendages will come to life (or death). Just roll bread filled with margarine and peanut butter into the finger formation, stick the almonds on with anything sticky, and add jelly for the bloody effect.

  1. Ghost Pretzels

Perhaps the simplest to make, ghost pretzel sticks will appeal to all chocolate-covered-pretzel lovers. Just grab a few bags of pretzel sticks, white and milk chocolate chips and you are all set. Dip the pretzel sticks in melted white chocolate and use a toothpick to create a face with melted milk chocolate.

  1. Ogre Toes

If there weren’t any gross or repugnant elements about Halloween, what would be the point? Cookie ogre toes will give the perfect balance of disgusting and delicious to your holiday party. For this treat, all you will need are Nutter Butter cookies, green candy melts and chocolate covered almonds. Melt the candy, dip the cookies and stick on the almonds. Voila!

  1. Monster Cereal Bars

Monsters are not always waiting under your bed to scare you. They can also be made into cereal bars. Just mix melted marshmallows with cereal (Frankenberry  works perfectly toward the Halloween theme), form the rectangular shape, dip the tips in melted chocolate and create the frightening face.

  1. Oreo Spiders

Are you arachnophobic? Either way, it will not be a problem with these Oreo spiders. Almost every college student has Oreo cookies stocked in their dorm, and all you will need after that are M&M’S, licorice and frosting. Stick the chocolate candies on the Oreos with frosting and cut black licorice to look like legs.

  1. Mummy Cakes

Last but not least, we have mummy cakes wrapped in deliciousness. Simply spread some white frosting on a few Twinkies, add M&M’s for the eyes and you are done! For the wrapping effect, use an icing tube or make designs with a knife.

Lauren Crociati can be reached at [email protected].

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