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Halloween Issue 2015

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(Cover by Randy Crandon/Daily Collegian)

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian’s arts section unveiled its annual Halloween Issue Thursday. The issue provided Halloween-goers tips and information on everything from costume ideas to Halloween-themed beverages. Here it is in its entirety.

How to spice up your Halloween costume this year

Fear no more, this year’s trendiest Halloween costumes can be made inexpensively and are easy to put together.

Eight great horror-based video games for the Halloween season

Scare-worthy graphics and creative plots mark these games as great Halloween choices for all types of audiences.

‘Crimson Peak’ is delightfully gorgeous and spooky

Guillermo del Toro crafts another nuanced, aesthetically thrilling tale.

Top 10 remixes and covers of Halloween songs

Griffin Lyons dissects the 10 best takes on the classics of the horror holiday.

‘It Follows’ lingers beautifully in your nightmares

Writer-director David Robert Mitchell mixes bombastic horror with chilling intimacy in a gorgeously composed, relentlessly frightening film.

Halloween-themed coffee beverages

Looking for fun ways to spice up your coffee? Here’s some Halloween-themed ideas that can add a little spice this fall.

Trick of sweet: Sweeties delivers on a classic Halloween tradition

The Northampton-based candy and sweet shop has served up delicious treats for more than 30 years.

‘The Rocky Horror Show’ is a side-splitting good time

Aly Nichols reflects on her experience at the combined cinema and stage performance.

Welcome a nightmare: The three key elements to a great horror game

Horror games need more than just cheap scares to be successful and immersive.

The extraordinary, ghostly music of Lewis

An unbelievable story detailing an equally unbelievable musician.

Ten easy Halloween treats to make in your dorm

Here are 10 simple recipes that will bring out both your creative and dark side.

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