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‘Namaste’ calm this school year

By Emma Ryan, Collegian Correspondent
September 25, 2019
Simon Nathans/Collegian

Trois bonnes raisons de s’essayer au yoga

By Ben Connolly, Meg Beauregard, and Florent Charrier
March 7, 2019
Simon Nathans/Collegian

Three reasons why you should try yoga

By Ben Connolly, Collegian Staff
March 6, 2019

How exercise will help you get through your day

By Emily Medrek
September 26, 2017
Erica Lowenkron/Collegian

Mindfulness in, and in spite of, a technological age

By Laura Handly
December 8, 2016
(Yoga room/ Daily Collegian)

Yoga: It’s not all about poses and flexibility

By Emily Medrek
March 2, 2016

Bikram Yoga heats up in Northampton

By Elena Lopez
November 21, 2013
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