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Summer blockbusters full of laughs

DOWN WITH LOVE – This throwback to the Rock Hudson/ Doris Day comedies of the 60s (complete with fake soundstages and a pastel color scheme) casts Ewan McGregor as Catcher Block, a dashing ladies man journalist out to trip up a the author of a bestselling book (Renee Zellweger, in her first performance after winning a Golden Globe for “Chicago”) that has women all over the country giving up love for indulgence. It’ll be interesting to see if McGregor and Zellweger can pull off the cotton candy atmosphere. (May 16)

BRUCE ALMIGHTY- After making one giant stumble apiece (“Dragonfly” and “The Majestic”, respectively) director Tom Shadyac and funnyman Carrey return to their roots – by teaming up for a goofy comedy. Jim Carrey plays a downbeat TV news reporter who is given the powers of God (here played by Morgan Freeman) for a week. Carrey needs another comedic hit after the critics lobbed spitballs at “The Majestic” while Shadyac needs to prove he can do more than make sappy pictures like “Patch Adams.” (May 23)

THE IN-LAWS – This remake of the 1979 Alan Arkin/ Peter Falk comedy casts Albert Brooks as a neurotic father of the bride who discovers the secret past of the father of the groom (played by Michael Douglas) includes espionage and smuggling. (May 23)

ENVY – Starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Christopher Walken, Rachel Weisz, and Amy Poehler, “Envy” is the story of two friends on equal professional and financial footing. This harmony is disrupted when one of Nick’s (Black) get-rich-quick ideas actually succeeds. Nick’s success brings out the green monster of jealousy in Tim (Stiller). The conflict is further instigated by a drifter, played by Walken.(June 6)

HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE – Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are two Los Angeles homicide detectives who moonlight as a real estate agent and yoga instructor respectively. The detectives investigate the slaying of a rap group, whose label executive has been rumored to have killed artists who have backed out on their contracts. In another twist, the head of the label executive’s security is a former LAPD officer. (June 13)

WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD: DUMB AND DUMBERER – “Not Another Teen Movie” co-star Eric Christian Olsen and newcomer Derek Richardson take over the respective roles Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels played in this prequel set in high school. Eugene Levy lends support as the school’s shady principal, with Cheri Oteri as Levy’s cafeteria-lady lover. (June 13)

ALEX ‘ EMMA – Loosely based on an anecdote from the life of author Fyodor Dostoyevsky (the movie was once titled “Loosely Based On A True Love Story”), Rob Reiner’s romance stars Luke Wilson as a novelist who must write a novel in 30 days to pay off gambling debts and newly minted romantic comedy queen Kate Hudson as the stenographer he hires to help him write it. (June 20)

JOHNNY ENGLISH -Starring Rowan Atkinson, of “Mr. Bean” Fame, as well as John Malkovich and Natalie Imbruglia in her screen debut, Johnny English is a spoof of a spy thriller. Comic bumbles that risk national security are to be expected. (July 18)

HOW TO DEAL – Mandy Moore stars in her fifth movie (and third so far to be released) as a young women whose faith in love is shaken by her parents’ separation and her best friend’s pregnancy. Then she meets newcomer Trent Ford. Allison Janney and Peter Gallagher co-star. Moore made quite an impression thanks to 2002’s sweet “A Walk To Remember;” let’s hope she doesn’t fumble in her second leading role. (July 18)

AMERICAN WEDDING – Are you ready for a third helping of pie? Perpetually embarrassed Jim (Jason Biggs) and kinky girlfriend Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are getting married, and most of the gang’s here to see them walk down the aisle. Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott (as forever horny Stifler) also return, in a movie directed by Bob Dylan’s son, Jesse. (Aug 1)

THE BOSS’ DAUGHTER – Ashton Kutcher is asked to housesit for boss Terrence Stamp, and sees it as his chance to get closer to Stamp’s beautiful daughter, Tara Reid. Then houseguests Andy Richter and Molly Shannon show up in a comedy directed by David Zucker (of “Airplane” fame) and written by “Anger Management’s” David Dorfman. (Aug 22)

MARCI X – This long delayed comedy stars Lisa Kudrow as a quote-unquote “Jewish American Princess” who inherits a hardcore rap label. Damon Wayans plays the uncontrollable rap star she must learn to control. (Aug 22)

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