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(Almost) a Witness to History

By William McGuinness

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The inauguration was this past Tuesday; and damn it, The Collegian tried its best to cover it. I was talking to a colleague at the Daily Hoya, of Georgetown, and they couldn’t get photo passes either. So when it comes to the inauguration, you’ll have to take Nick Bush’s words for it.

He did a solid job wandering around D.C. taking in the sights and atmosphere. He was almost more excited to be there than the CNN folks. His story will be in the paper on Monday, along with the Amherst reaction to the election and a special article from Mary Carey of The Daily Hampshire Gazette. Larry Parnass, managing editor at the Gazette, traded Nick’s story for Mary’s. He said the cost was covered by my internship there last semester… thanks.

Check The Collegian’s Mass Society blog on Monday for the campus’ reaction to the inauguration. There, you’ll find student testimonials from across the country on how they felt during “the moment.”

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One Response to “(Almost) a Witness to History”

  1. Pork on January 24th, 2009 11:29 pm

    A slap in the face to those who cover the news. Down in the armpit of Mass. (Fall River), the Superintendent of Diman Vocational High School feverishly made certain only a small percentage of the school witnessed history by having cable t.v. disconnected in areas of the school even kicking out a handful of students who were watching it mannerly in the library. He is taking some well deserved heat.

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