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New year, new trends

Keep up with upcoming fashion trends with these 2024 predictions
Image courtesy of Pexels.

The latest fashion trend predictions for 2024 are flooding social media, with many TikTok influencers sharing what is expected to become trendy within the next couple months. This year is bringing back some of the hottest styles of the past while creating new, innovative looks, and a fresh reset will have you feeling great and looking your best. Below are a few of the most popular predictions for trends to enter the fashion world this year.

Leopard print

Who would have thought? It’s time to dig out your old leopard print pieces and put them to use. The iconic 2000s leopard print is one of the most popular trend predictions for this year. Leopard print can be tricky to style, as there is a fine line between tacky and classy, but it all comes down to the way you pair each article of clothing.

Nothing screams elegance more than fur. Try a long fur leopard print jacket or a fur-lined coat under a neutral-colored outfit. For a night out, a sheer, cowl-neck, leopard print maxi dress will fit just right. To avoid the “tacky” look, steer away from basic leopard camisoles. Leopard is a busy print, which is why it is important not to overdo it. Leopard looks most sophisticated when used as a statement piece: envision a plain black maxi dress that feels too boring on its own. Spice it up with statement pieces such as a leopard headband, stiletto heels, a handbag, a fur coat, a blazer or even a cute pair of petite earrings.


During the last few weeks of 2023, the newest and hottest trend evolved all over social media: bows. Bows everywhere! In your hair, printed on clothes, engraved in jewelry, a design on your nails — you name it. This trend has surfaced what is called the “coquette” aesthetic that can be incorporated into your best outfits when striving for a feminine, flirtatious aura. The coquette trend comes from singer Lana Del Rey, who is known for embodying coquette fashion. Her style is soft-hearted and elegant. Her coquette lifestyle also has drawn the attention of many young teens who resonate with her.

For 2024, it is expected that bows will be worn all the time, with any look. According to India Times, “Blokette core,” a mix between a British bloke and coquette fashion, is the perfect way to integrate femininity with a more athletic look. Imagine an oversized jersey with a mini skirt and a pair of tennis shoes, paired with a variety of bows throughout the outfit.

Skinny jeans

Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, some have predicted that skinny jeans will be making their return in 2024 – although many people hope to leave skinny jeans in the past. The sudden increase in popularity comes from supermodel and influencer Kendall Jenner. The public has become obsessed with Jenner’s wardrobe as she brought back the ‘70s straight-leg denim look, rebirthing the idea of tighter jeans. Although, this should not be confused with the popular light-washed skinny jeans with rips from top to bottom that had everyone in a chokehold in 2016. Rather, think about a pair of dark washed, mid-rise skinny jeans matched with a tight long-sleeve neutral and paired with tall boots. We’re going for more of a contemporary, casual look rather than a middle-school hipster.

Full-length tops

This year we are saying goodbye to crop tops and hello to full-length tops. Many on social media have taken interest in tops that show less of your stomach. As low-rise jeans have made their recent debut, the perfect top to pair with low-rise would measure right down to your waistline, just above the top of the pants. Full-length tops are perfect for feeling comfortable and confident without revealing too much skin. These tops could fit tight to your body or even create a more shapeless look as it flows just over the waistline. Either way, social media predicts that less exposure will be trendier. Bodysuits go hand-in-hand with this concept. For a bodysuit, mid or high-rise pants are best – from cargos, denim or even leather. Bodysuits should be an essential part of your everyday wardrobe as its simplicity is versatile in creating many different outfits.

Timeless basics

What is considered trendy this year may not be considered trendy in a year or two. Having timeless pieces in your wardrobe ensures decades of style. Although extremely broad, a timeless piece can range from a basic white tank top to a pair of light-washed jeans. This is considered the kind of clothing you wear each week, but style differently each time. For 2024, less is more. To achieve the well-known “clean girl aesthetic,” stick to the basic neutrals, or the clothing that will be part of your wardrobe for more than just a year. Steer yourself away from funky, patterned pieces and focus on the essentials of everyday fashion.

Mixing jewelry

I know, this seems criminal, but 2024 is the year of trying something new and branching out of your comfort zone. Some people wear gold jewelry, and some people wear silver. Some enjoy petite jewelry while others prefer chunky — it all depends on personal preference.

Have you ever had an outfit that just feels boring? This year, try something new and step away from familiarity. Mix it up: pair silver hoops with a gold necklace. Try to wear both petite and chunky rings. This idea might seem scary, but what’s the harm in trying? Jewelry elevates every outfit and adds flavor to the blandest tastes. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

It’s the new year, which means it can be a new start in cultivating your fashion sense and reinventing your wardrobe. Using these popular predictions as your guide, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of your own personal style. It’s 2024! Try something new and don’t hold back; create a statement and wear it with pride this upcoming year. Embrace the newest styles with confidence — and be the trend setter that everyone admires.

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