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By William McGuinness

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For my piece in tomorrow’s Collegian, I wrote a double profile on two gay men operating in highly traditional environments following their coming out. The story looks at the Gay Rights Movement’s notion that the simple awareness that homosexuals are human and live around us as brothers, friends, teachers etc. will bring about a greater tolerance.

Given that one source, Rabbi Steven Greenberg, is the first openly-gay orthrodox rabbi, and the other, Martin Aguilera, is a leader of the Gay Amherst Party, both are living in institutions that are highly uncomfortable with gay men. Finding them was tricky and may enlightening for those looking for good profile subjects.

Greenberg came up in a conversation with Rabbi Steven Nathan and Liza Neil of Hampshire College in an interview. Unfortunately, very little of their interview was used… but Greenberg proved key in getting the theme of the piece across.

Aguilera was the recipient of a blanket email sent out to all leaders of Gay-Straight alliances of the Five College consortium. Walking with him around campus and attending a GAP-sponsored dance party, we chatted about his background, and he turned out perfect for the piece.

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