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Andyhasaband wants to be heard; listen up

Meet Andy Gould. Andy has a band and they call themselves Andyhasaband.

The tale of how the band got started is an “ancient story of cryptic lore” according to Gould. “It came from kind of a belief that I couldn’t work well with others and that all my bands kept breaking up…”

Gould started off on his own, writing songs on his acoustic guitar. Eventually he began playing shows, but after a while Gould felt he was lacking something. The songs needed to gain more energy and evolve past their acoustic origins, and so Gould began searching for a rhythm section to get that energy.

When Gould started his search, he went through a couple drummers and bassists before finally settling on his two current costars: bassist Jeff Higgins and drummer Amy Barnes. Andy says he “couldn’t ask for more” from a rhythm section.

While shows are now somewhat infrequent, the band still manages to play about once a month, be it at a cafe or for WMUA’s Sweet Baby Lou and the Reverends of Funk radio show. Andyhasaband often plays alongside various punk bands, folk singers and blues artists when they manage to get shows.

Gould explained that the band started by saying it was a folk band, with influences from We Are Scientists and Peter Paul and Mary. But there are so many other categories that the band falls into that that they ended up calling their style “alt-post-folk-rock-pop-progressive,” quite a mouthful for any fan. This can be abbreviated as ‘frappp’.

The band clearly likes diversity. None of their songs are ever too similar and that’s just the way they like it. “Conflicting but similar personalities define the band,” said Gould. His favorite records are generally ones where “it could be a different band every song.”

Their song “Coffee,” is one of their more interesting pieces. As one of their minor key moving grooves, the song describes the feeling you get when something bad happens to a friend and all you can do is listen. This somewhat morose song is contrasted by one of their happier songs, “Hypnotize,” which is written in a Johnny Cash style happy swing. The song is very poppy and just makes you want to dance as you listen to Gould’s story.

The band just released their first album, called “The Unrelenting Andyhasaband,” which is available at all of their live shows. Some of the tracks can be found on Facebook or on

Andy and his band agree – “We want to play more shows.” Gould wants “everybody to be involved in the band.” Not just the people on stage, the audience too. Everyone should be having fun and be an active member in the performance. The more dancing there is, the better.

Andyhasaband has served mainly as an opening act, but Gould noted that many opening bands always act like they have to be up there – like they aren’t doing it for fun. He never wants the band to get old or tired, instead aspiring to shows where they show appreciation for the people who came out to see them, even if they are an opening act. This can include random sections of talking during the middle of songs, including fun little side notes or even chatting with crowd members, creating a lively, fun experience for anyone listening.

Andyhasaband is about getting individuals together to have a good time. They want to be heard and they want people at their shows. Andy has a band, but he wants you to be a part of it.

Tappan Parker can be reached at [email protected]

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