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Dexter Demoralized


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As exciting as it is that a new episode of Dexter premiered on Sunday, the reality that this season would be vastly different from the others set in.

The dark drama ended its fourth season with a most heart-wrenching twist, when Dexter found his wife, Rita, floating lifeless in a bathtub while his son, Harrison, cried helplessly in a puddle of her blood.

For the better part of the last year, fans of the show have been left ill from the stunning conclusion to the fourth season in anticipation of what would now become of the main character.

Sunday’s episode was even more depressing.

At the onset of the episode, Dexter picked up his forlorn child, evoking memories of his past, and professed his own fault in the incident to Deborah as police arrived at his house.

Just as no one likes to go to the funeral of a deceased loved one, no one could have enjoyed watching the characters angst, grieving in the aftermath of Rita’s death.

Deb finds herself in an awkward position, forced to be the strong-willed sibling. She remained exceptionally collected in helping with the funeral arrangements and caring for the baby, aside from one minor breakdown.

Deb received help from Officer Quinn in cleaning up the murder scene at Dexter’s household. Afterwards, Quinn offered his condolences and she shed her guard along with her garb in a lustful moment which she later refused to acknowledge.

Her brother’s aloofness concerned Deb, acting more emotionless than usual. Dexter denied any explanation for what may have happened to Rita and why he blames himself for her death.

This has also raised questions in Quinn. He is growing increasingly suspicious of Dexter and his possible involvement in Rita’s death, but Lieutenant Laguerda made the command for Miami Metro Homicide to stay out of the investigation and leave it to the FBI.

A defeated Dexter decided it would be better for everyone if he disappeared. He rid himself of any artifact from his past and set off in his boat, feeling responsible for Rita’s death and disappointed that he cannot do anything to change it.

At the end of the episode, Dexter could not control his killer instinct as he brutally murdered an arrogant man in the bathroom of an ocean-side rest stop.

The comforting image of Dexter’s father Harry appeared to him, urging to rethink his decision to leave his family.

The episode concluded with Dexter’s eulogy to Rita in what was the most depressing installment of the series to date.

Dexter will continue his murderous ways because, as he showed early in the episode, he can’t control himself. He will likely take solace in killing as he always has, but it appears that he might not proceed with as much caution and calculation as is customary. He showed haste during the last season and he is now emotionally crippled, assuming that he had emotions to begin with.

Police will find out that someone known as Kyle Butler was involved with Trinity killings and it will be difficult for Dexter to side-step that land mine.

Will Dexter continue to act suspiciously? Will he be able to earn the trust of his colleagues, his mother-in-law, and his inherited children? Most of all, will he be able to turn to anyone with his secret?

In every season to-date, he has had someone who knows what he has done and whom he can relate to. In the first season, it was his brother; the second season it was his sponsor and mistress; and the third season it was his partner in crime.

In the fourth season it was Trinity and as much as he may have wished he did away with him earlier, he needed him for guidance.

It might be that Dexter is left in solitude from now on and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

After waiting eight months, next Sunday doesn‘t seem so far away.

Dan Gigliotti can be reached at [email protected].

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