Glee: Duets

By Alissa Mesibov


Hey Gleeks,

Courtesy of Fox

So this week I have bad news, worse news, and then some good news.

So first up is the bad news: this week’s episode was a yawn-a-palooza. The plot is that New Directions has a duet competition. Creator Ryan Murphy decided to take easy way out this week with the most boring and expected theme possible. The episode’s overall dryness was necessary, though, to advance the series’ subplots. For example, new kid Sam clearly has an interest in Quinn (who look like Barbie and Ken together), while Artie loses his virginity to Brittany, whom sex means nothing to. Puck rammed a car into a convenience store, and is now in juvenile hall. Mike and Tina’s relationship seems to be hitting the rocks, while Rachel and Finn’s relationship is at all time cheesey high. I would also like to point out the ridiculous Barbara Streisand outfit and facial expressions on Rachel during her duet with Kurt. Regardless of the horrific acting, Lea Michele as Rachel’s voice is scarily similar to Barbara Streisand. Kurt, who nearly lost his dad and last remaining parent last week, is feeling more alone than ever, as his recovering father sides with Finn over Kurt flaunting his sexuality in a small town that is unkind (to say the least) toward anything that makes someone different.

The focus on Kurt came at a perfect, if unplanned, time. Everyone around Kurt is telling him to repress his sexuality and his personality, because there are people who will be unkind towards an openly gay boy. Such proof comes from the real-life Rutgers freshman, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after his roommate secretly taped him with another boy in their room, as well as facing previous bullying. The episode was filmed long before Clementi took his own life, but the episode still speaks to the issue, nonetheless.

On a lighter note, let’s move on to the “Of The Weeks.”

Song of the Week

“Lucky” performed by Quinn (Diana Agron) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) would not have made the list any other week, but in an episode so lacking, it is the winner this week. The simplicity and innocence of the song is much welcomed in such a dry episode. While Agron and Overstreet’s voices lacked the exciting and innovative blend that Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat achieved in the original version, their voices go well enough together.

Moment of the Week

Artie telling Brittany off was about as good as the drama got this week. However, Artie should have realized that it was Brittany he was dealing with, and that she would have no clue about the issue of sex for a person who is paraplegic. The girl thought that a duet was a blanket (duvet), for God’s sake!

Remember how I mentioned that there was worse news? Well, here it is. There will be no new “Glee” episode next week. We will have to tough it out until the 26th, my friends.

The good news is that the next episode is “Rocky Horror” themed! As a long time lover of the bizarre cult musical, I personally couldn’t be more excited. From the preview (I refuse to rely on rumors regarding this, there are just too many of them) it looks like Finn will be playing Brad, Rachel will be Janet, Artie will play Dr. Scott, Quinn will play Columbia, Santana will play Magenta, Kurt will play Riff Raff, and Sam will be the titular Rocky. The big question now is who will play Frank-n-Furter, as they already showed the obvious choice, Kurt, as his assistant. I am personally rooting for Puck to be back from juvenile hall to don the infamous corset. If none of this makes sense to you, you really are going to have to watch the movie before the episode premiers. Honestly, it is such a wonderful and bizarre classic, that you should watch it, regardless.

If you didn’t catch the episode (lucky you), but you still somehow want to see it, here it is.

Until next time, Gleeks.


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