Good things come in three’s on ‘Gossip Girl’

By Ashley Berger


Courtesy of The CW

Ashley here with your weekly fix of Manhattan’s elite. A lot happened this week and I am just dying to talk about it!

First things first, let’s talk about Chuck. And Eva. And Blair. And how Blair wants to sabotage Eva (and successfully does). Though Eva seems perfect (and basically is), the dream team of Blair, Serena, and Dan uncover her darkest secret … our “WTF Moment of the Week” goes to: Our French angel is a prostitute?! Say what? Caring, blonde, beautiful, and well, poor, Eva obviously had to find a way to make money somehow. And while Blair plots to expose our mistress in disguise, Chuck plays it off like he already knew. Smart move, Bass, outsmarting our best schemer.

Unfortunately for Chuck, due to Blair’s plotting, Eva leaves Chuck because she realizes that Chuck still loves Blair and that there is some kind of attraction the two of them feel around each other, no matter how much Chuck tries to deny it. Aww, the poor BASStard. Cheer up, you still have that little black book! And at least you’ll be preoccupied with scheming against Blair to even think of the angel you lost.

Let’s move from one triangle to the next; our favorite web of Serena, Dan, and Nate. While Blair makes Serena promise not to meddle in the lives of her two always current love interests, Dan and Nate make a pact not to get involved with Serena again. And for a brief moment during the show, viewers think that Dan and Serena will get back together in the way that only step-siblings can. That’d just be too weird, even for the circle that is known for hook-ups and break-ups. Eventually though Dan picks Vanessa, because let’s face it, kittens, they are meant to be together. Dan and Serena would never last … um, hello, their parents didn’t even figure things out until 20 years later.

And as for Nate … stoner boy is still trying to figure out Juliette who is BLATANTLY lying to him. There is a glimmer of hope. Nate snoops through her phone and on Gossip Girl (looks like he learned a thing or two from Blair) calls her out on the mysterious Ben character, who I’m betting is the guy from jail we saw at the end of last week’s episode. Juliette plays Nate’s accusations off like Ben is her brother and Nate believes her. I would say that was an epic fail of the show.
Also, how good did Queen’s B and S look at Chuck’s gala? Clad in a red cutout dress, Dan even admitted to feeling a little light-headed at the sight, not that we’re surprised. And B stole the show in a very revealing, very beautiful blue gown.

Despite looking the beautiful, B and S were all dressed up to go home alone while Dan goes home with Vanessa, Nate goes home with Juliette, and Chuck goes home to well… a lonely hotel room. But I’m not worried, these two are sure to bring down Manhattan this season and they’ll probably get whichever boy they want.

Some questions for this week…

Why hasn’t anyone figured out that something is up with Juliette?

Why is Vanessa befriending her? V always goes for the crazies; remember when she befriended Georgina in season 1?!?!

Will C and B bring in the big guns for this war? Could this be the war that B may not be able to win?

Will E give C a second chance? Not that I’m rooting for her…

Can S hurry up and take down J? We all know she is capable of it.

Until next week, babies. XOXO

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