Halloween: Treats

By Chris Shores

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Ghoulish recipes for spooky eatings

By: Ellie Rulon-Miller | October 26, 2010

One of the keys to a good party, regardless of the holiday, is good food. It’s easy to appreciate fun food that corresponds with the theme of a party, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and have a little more creative fun with your cooking.
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Did you bring the chips?

By: Ian Winship | October 26, 2010

Everyone gets hungry at parties, and with all the running around that comes with this weekend, appetites will most certainly be soaring. Here are some suggestions for party food so that you and your guests don’t leave with grumbling stomachs.
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A Vegan/Vegetarian’s Guide to Halloween

By: Anthony Santiago | October 26, 2010

It’s important to keep in mind the lessons meant to be learned from horror movies – namely, the best ways to end up painfully, suddenly dead. Here are the top ten ways to avoid death on Halloween.

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