UPDATED: Further tests rule Amherst water safe

By DailyCollegian.com Staff

UPDATED (10/23): Water ruled safe following further tests
Amherst water has been ruled safe and can be continued to be used and consumed as normal, according to a press release released by the town at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

“I want to thank the extraordinarily talented Town of Amherst team that responded to this potential public health emergency,” said Town Manager John Musante, as quoted in the release.

Tests yesterday tested positive for coliform and E. Coli bacteria. Additional tests were required in the contaminated areas to find out if a “Boil Water Order” was needed. No such order will be passed.

FRIDAY: The town of Amherst has issued a “Water Quality Advisory” after three of 22 water samples tested positive for total coliform and E. Coli bacteria today. The town’s water system also supplies the UMass campus.

The samples were taken as a part of routine testing and public health officials are conducting further tests to determine whether a “Boil Water Order” is needed.

Results of the tests and the officials’ decision will become available Saturday afternoon, said a campus alert.

The university has a campus-wide precautionary plan in place if a “Boil Water Order” is called for. The plan will supply members of the campus with bottled water and hand sanitizer as well as instructions on how to minimize any health risks.

More information about the water testing can be found at www.amherstma.gov.