Holiday hysteria on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of the CW


Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl never fails to provide excruciating drama, and this year was no different.

After a slight hiatus, I am back and fuming at Juliette even moreso than I am usually. She has actually gone and prove that she is crazy, at least to the viewers and even her brother.

As much as I hate Juliette for taking down Serena, her ultimate plan was a success at least for a little while. No one believes that Serena was drugged, even Serena by the end of the episode. The only thing that Juliette failed to realize was thatno matter how much trouble Serena can get in, everyone will still always love her. Not everyone wll always love Juliette…

Or Jenny. Or Vanessa. Which is why they both ran away. Again. ut good for Little J t confess to the Queen B. Maybe one day Jenny will be redeemed. As for V, the only person she ratted to was Rufus which will probably leave her with no friends except for… Right.

The biggest WTF moment of the show, in my humble opinion, Serena’s own admission into Ostroff. Does she really thnk she spiraled out of control into oblivion on her own? This is why she has suc good friends like Dan and Blair to figure out that the answer is in fact, no.

We know that our golden girl is a little mixed up right now, but our golden boy has everything under control on his end. He has successfully pieced the Archibald family back together. As if he wasn’t cute enough… awwww.

And I feel that it is absolutely necessary to recognize how adorable Vanya and Dorota’s baby is.  It is also necessary to point out that Dorota was a little fiesty talking to Blair on the show. Good for her!

The question that I am most looking forward to being answered is where the (expletive) did Juliette go? Does she actually think she can escape the Manhattan clan forever?

Will S be able to stay in the Ostroff Center?

Will L continue to pay off J?

Will Little J and V stay away forever?

Will D and B succeed in finding J?

Can C and B stay “friends?”

Is D actually the right boy for S? Isn’t that still considered incest?

Until next week. XOXO.

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