Impending Takedown on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

Courtesy of The CW

Hi Kitties.

While this episode wasn’t as sexy or steamy as the last, it sure had it good moments.

Good for Colin for doing the right thing. Our golden girl Serena is the reigning princess of the Upper East Side, and deserves to be treated as such. After his resignation, it ends up that S breaks up with him. Good thing, he was no prince. On the other hand, our favorite golden boy, definitely is fit for the job…

Also, good for everyone for turning on Juliette in the way that our favorite four best friends can. Good work, crew.

Also, when did V become so confident? And such a raging b!tch? We thought that position was reserved for Queen B? Has V ever been able to take down the Fab 4 before? Is now the time?

Probably not. But like usual, we’ll have to wait and see.

My favorite part of the show is definitely the undeniable chemistry between Blair and Chuck. I am beyond thrilled that they are back together, because King Charles is meant to be with Queen B.  After much time apart, they finally realized that they can be together. Yay. Now, we just need to work on getting S and N back together.

WTF Moment: Are J, V, and J really going to work together? How is that going to work. They say that trouble comes in threes…

Some burning questions for the week ahead…

Who will S choose? Won’t it  be weird dating her STEPBROTHER? Hasn’t this already been established?

What is Ben’s story? Is Juliette really done with him?

Will B and C make it work this time?

Will little J return to the city for the takedown?

I predict a lot of shocks and secrets for next week…

You know you love my blog. XO.